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Wow, a Quick Blog to start it off....

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Let me just say that the Pokemon TCG is one of the greatest items to ever come to pass for me and my boys. It has brought us closer as father and son than just about anything else could do. Coaching them in football, close, but Pokemon is 4 seasons a year, not 1.

I thought I would start the blog with free events...good or bad?

I personally love the free events for Pokemon. It confuses a lot of store owners, but having players come in and play an event for free, event to just leave with a badge and a promo card, or nothing, is still quite cool.

I am a dinosaur. I remember when PUI actually charged players to play in the events. Remember that? I do.

I always felt obligated to give people their money's worth, be it a pack, or lunch, or something else cool. I always discounted what the cost of the event to hold was actually worth.

When they went to free events, I went with the same theme I do today "If we can't sell free, boy are we in trouble"

I love putting on the events. Always have.

I have the luxury of having been to some REALLY BAD events before I became an organizer myself. Corrupt organizers helping their kids (against mine). Organizers who had judges who didn't know Pokemon from a hole in the ground...and others.

More later.