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To play or not to play…

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That was the question I faced several years ago.

After learning how to play this game for the sake of teach my children how to play Pokémon, I faced the ultimate question most players face.

Do I finally admit to myself that I will never be a competitive player and focus on my skills as a Judge or do I just continue to make a fool of myself as a player? Well, I made the choice, whether I realized it then or not, the day I passed the Professor Exam.

I passed the Professor Exam a few days before the 2005 Gym Challenge series started. I then Judged the Wheat Ridge, CO Gym Challenge as my first event. I think that was around the same time that I last contemplated being a serious player ever again.

Since that first event, I have literally been involved with well over 100 events as a Judge or an Organizer. I have Judged everything from League Tournaments to the 2010 World Championships. But no matter how many or what level events I have Judged, I feel my biggest accomplishment is the friends that I have made while Judging.

As a player, all I could hope for was the chance to sit and watch the top players in my State / Regional level events play for the wins. I would have never hoped for more than that.

As a Judge, I have had the opportunity to watch the best players in the US and the best in the World play for their titles. I can call multiple World and National Champions my friends, as well as some of the best and brightest in the Judging and Organizing groups. I have had the opportunity to travel to new places in the US, meet new people and make lots of new friends that I would have never done if not for that Professor Exam all those years ago.

What I have accomplished has been a testament to all the Organizers and Judges that I have worked with and learned from, no matter how small or large the event. What I have achieved is not only because of my skills, but from the skills that taught me how to do this and more importantly, why to do this.

To those people, I thank you all. Thank you for taking a nobody player and helping me become the person I am today. Without all of you, I would have probably left the game when my kids did.

I get a lot of parents of players and players themselves that thank me for what I do in this game, but without them, I would not have this game that I love so dearly or the friends that I have.

So, thank you all for making all this possible for me. See you all on the next series of events!

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  1. rokman's Avatar
    Awesome stuff!

    A lot of great judges aren't thanked enough and most players focus on tiny mistakes that are made! which is unfortunate!

    1. thanks for being an awesome guy and moderating on this site!
    2. thanks for being a great judge! :D
  2. ultimatedra's Avatar
    I am glad you became a judge. We may never have met if you where not a judge, and you are an excellent judge. You have earned the right to judge the high caliber events - a position not easily obtained.
  3. EeveeLover's Avatar
    Thank you both for the kind comments.