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when pokemon is taken too seriously

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This is what i really think, You bother with giving Pokemon classifications, you do solo runs(although these are cool to see), you are overly competitive, and you just go a bit overboard with other things related to the game. Games are meant to be fun. They were created to entertain us and gives us something to do. Competitive playing has killed that. This game is supposed to be fun. Instead, you people(most of you that is) worry about which Pokemon is better for competitive playing. I personally play these games for the joy of the game because I think there fun not just Pokemon, but all games ever created. and please don't get mad at me.


  1. Prime's Avatar

    I'd watch your tone a little bit.

    On topic, I think you're going to find competitiveness anywhere you look. Within the job field, at school, and especially in any kind of game. People have an urge to want to stand higher than others, to be better than others.

    It is a shame that others' competitiveness is drowning out your fun. Perhaps you could distance yourself from those groups or form your own place to play with your own specialized rules.