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Bored of the game - looking forward to next set

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I thought I'd post to my blog since I'd like to promote the blog system on this forum and try to get more people writing.

Right now, I am a bit bored of the brand new (coming July 1st) format. I think the #1 reason is because there aren't a lot of sets in the format and thus the number of options is kind of low.

Don't get me wrong, I think the format is ten times healthier than the current format for Battle Roads (MD-BW), it's just the number of options seem limited when you divide the decks into categories of what they do.

There is a lot of energy acceleration decks, some speed stage 1 decks, and then the random stage 2 deck. That's about it.

Some cards I really like won't really start to shine until the next set comes out and we get strategic cards like Pokemon Catcher.

Ohhh, many people don't like Pokemon Catcher.............

I think the blame should go to Luxray GL Lv.X. SP decks dominated the game for multiple seasons, and Luxray GL Lv.X was an important part of it. I think people associate Pokemon Catcher with the dominance of SP but perhaps think it will be worse.

I don't think it will be worse than Luxray/SP. I think it will even the playing area, and add some strategy to the game.

I guess I can also say that not going to Nationals or Worlds can make the game seem a little boring, as well. The less Pokemon TCG is a part of my life, the less I think about it.

Either way, I'm looking forward to August, when the next set comes out. Some of my deck ideas can finally come to fruition and I think some may be pretty potent.

Thanks for reading.


  1. chrataxe's Avatar
    Lol, weird to read this entry, I feel exactly the same way...and not going to Nats or Worlds for me is probably the same as well. Though, I am pretty stoked to see what actually wins at Nats.

    Can't wait for the new set and the new season!