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To catch a Pokemon

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I'm going to rant about a card.

No, wait, not a card. Not yet at least.

The "card" I'm going to rant about is the highly anticipated, and in my opinion overhyped, Pokemon Catcher.

Pokemon Catcher is a trainer card that is a word for word (except name) reprint of the Base Set card, Gust of Wind. Differences include name, set, and of course the new distinction of "Trainer- Item".

Why is it being hyped? Here's why.

It gives a deck the ability to drag out certain pokemon for either an easier KO or distruption. Or both!

Easy KO's- Drag out something like an unprotected Cleffa, or something with your active's weakness.

Disruption- Drag out somehting that really shouldn't be active, such as a tech or a pokemon with a heavy retreat cost.

Now while I agree, those two ideas are nice, they really aren't too useful until you hit a very specific situation. Obviously, for the distruption you need that target. And for the KO you need something you can actually KO...

Those restrictions aside, I believe it's a card that wil actually hurt more than it will help.

Point: It's not even out yet.

That's right, it's not released. It's in Japan, and while we do get their cards, there's ALWAYS that 1% chance we won't. Maybe that % is higher, but it's there. Just like how we didn't get the Shiny Legends from COL until COL, while in Japan they had been promotional. Additionally, we get different cards than Japan in a few cases as well, such as the two versions of Boufalant to their one.

Point: Most decks are now based around a sole attacker(s).

Donphan Prime, Machamp Prime, Zekrom, Reshiram, Rayquaza/Deoxys LEGEND...

You're most likely going to see those floating around in the active position for the next few months while people adjust to the new HGSS format.

Now let's just say you use Pokemon Catcher. To me, that's a waste. Why? Well if they're going to attack with a big hitter, you just gave them another free turn of set-up. What's one quick prize when your opponent is building up for 3-4 consistent prizes? Additionally, you're also not wittling away at a clear and present threat. While that helps your case against an Outraging Zekrom or Reshiram, it's much easier to KO a threat at 1/2 HP than it is to KO it at full HP.

Point: Most decks that run a Tech can do JUST FINE without it.

Right now the main tech people are trying out is Dodrio. After that, Shuckle. After that it's player's choice between Slowking, Umbreon, and a few others depending on their local meta.

Unless we're talking about turns 1-3, most likely those techs have done their job and can be discarded. Sure a prize is nice, and if it's important tech (such as Slowking) it may be disruptive, but ultimatley I make my same point- what is 1 quick prize compared to 3-4 consistent ones?

Point: People are afraid of Catcher.

Because Catcher can disrupt, whether it actually happens or not, people will be scared of it. Babies will be taken out of decks, Techs (such as shuckle) will be vastly reconsidered, and cards like Switch will see 4 copies in nearly every deck.

Nobody "stopped" playing Double Colorless Energy when Lost Remover got released. And to me, that's MORE of a disruption trainer than Catcher EVER will be.

That's all for now.


  1. Prime's Avatar
    Nobody stopped playing DCE because Lost Remover wasn't a threat to it. In HGSS-on, there isn't a pokemon like Garchomp C Lv.X that can abuse DCE. In MD-on, Garchomp C Lv.X would discard the DCE before any player could play the Lost Remover. Not the best comparison.

    I agree with most of what you are saying. I look forward to Catcher coming out, only because it'll make certain cards better like Crobat Prime and TM Victreebel.

    Decks will change but I'm sure there will be plenty of cards in the next set that will cause decks to change a bit.

    Nice thoughts.