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Magby, the Underrated Baby!

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Today I'm going to do something a little different. Today I'm going to praise what I think is going to be one of the better cards in the format. Today I'm going to talk about Magby. Magby, I feel, is one of the most underrated underused cards we have available to us.


Now currently our format is dominated (in the baby department) by Tyrogue and Cleffa, with random Smoochum techs.

Tyrogue- Deals a quick 30 that can't be blocked by weakness or resistance. Used primarily to donk opposing cleffas.

Cleffa- Provides a Professor Oak's New Theory as an attack. Used Primarily as a starter to aid in set-up.

Smoochum- Moves one energy on the opposing field to the pokemon of your choice. Used primarily as disruption early, bringing necessary energy to an active baby.

The other babies are used, but in their own respective "needy" decks.

Elekid- provides a quick 20 damage through snipe. Combo with Kingdra Prime and other snipers to get Bench control or Spread damage flowing.

Pichu- Allows both players to quickly fill up their benches. Aside from Jumpluff and Cinccino variants, doesn't see too much play due to the advantage the opponent gets as well.

Mime Jr- Removes the top card of an opponent's deck to the Lost Zone. Used primarily as control with cards like Slowking or to fuel conditions towards Lost World.

And then there's Magby. Magby's effect is simple and to the point- They're burned. There's no complexity, no hidden effects, just straight Special Condition Burned.

Let me get into why I could see you arguing this card as bad:

1) Burn is a flippy effect that can miss. At most, it'll deal 20 damage between turns.

2) Burn is removed through benching (Switch or Retreat)

3) Burn is removed through evolving

Now let me get into why it is good:

1) Burn negates the effects of MOST Poke-powers. This includes Magnezone Prime, Feraligatr Prime, and Typhlosion Prime as a few Prime Examples (Pun totally intended).

2) Burn forces a switch. Unless there is a good reason to stay active, Burn is a constant (possible) 20 damage no matter who is active on the opposite side of the playing field.

3) Burn can combo with the turny condition. You can be Asleep/Burned, Confused/Burned, and Paralyzed/Burned. This is a key note to take because Baby pokemon that aren't so lucky can end up getting KO'd into your next turn.

So now let's talk about Magby.

First, it's a baby. Like the others, Magby falls asleep and has Sweet-sleeping Face. He also has no Weakness, no Resistance, and a free retreat. And lastly, Magby has 30 HP.

Second, let me get into something plainly obvious about Magby: Magby is a fire-type. Now since Magby doesn't actually "attack", weakness and resistance factors aren't even part of the equation (Who resists fire anyway?). However, Magby provides field presence against one type in particular- Kingdra Prime. While Magby is on the field, Kingdra Prime's attack with 20. If you played Pokemon Reversal (or Pokemon Catcher) to get that Kingdra active, then played Magby and attacked, Kingdra, without outside assitance, cannot knock out even an awake Magby (Thank you no weakness!).

Lastly, Magby's attack forces a burn. There's no flips involved in the actual burning. If Magby attacks, the defending pokemon is burned, no questions asked. Additionally, unless the defending pokemon switches, bounces, or Full Heals (and who plays that?), the Burn is permanent. Tyrogue deals 30, but that's a one time deal, and the same can be said about Elekid. Cleffa acts as PONT, but as an attack falls susceptible to Judge. Smoochum is clearly situational- even in the best predicament, the effect is only a slowdown, having somedecks switch primary attackers or just drop an energy down the following turn.



  1. Prime's Avatar
    If Heatran Lv.X were still legal, it'd be a funny combination.

    I think Magby perhaps serves a better role later in the game than early because Burn against a main attacker mid-game is more potent than against a Cleffa or disposable basic in the beginning.

    I just wish these babies could evolve. Most clefables are stupid but I really like most of the Magmortars that have been released.

    Good information!
  2. AlmightyGoldenGarchomp's Avatar
    I too like magby. It is good for set up in some decks, can also kill babies with a few unlucky flips for your opponent, and the CoL version has great art.

    to the above post, I use a fun deck with magby, Heatran X, full flame, and Blaziken PL and FB X. It is a fun(ny) combo.