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Catcher and the EX Mechanic

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So everyone and their mother has been hyping catcher. So much i'm just gonna stay away. Inc 4 RH. What i'm more concerned about is the new EX pokemon. I think that this is going to be the real game changing mechanic not picking your opponents bench. With consistent turn 2 setups, almost entire decks being used up, and insane draw and soon to be recovery I see games flying by at lightning speed in the next few sets. With early game dominated by catcher if you throw out your EX and baby pokemon your chucking prize opportunities at your opponent.

One thing I will say about Catcher is that if you do kill something on the bench, the defender can retaliate with an attacker almost everytime. Pokemon like Reshiram who need bench support up might suffer a bit. I feel that Zekrom will make players want to use their catcher on the shaymin and pachi then retaliate with a nice 120 to the face. On a final note if your really worried about catcher, just use SSU and Switch. Unless your playing Goth. GL with that.

I'm anxious and nervous about the EX pokemon will they be sky high HP high energy monsters or average hp pokemon with mind blowing abilities. I hope they have something ridiculous.

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  1. Miamisportsfan45's Avatar
    I don't see them being much different than the current Primes. You figure, Primes get rotated out and Catcher in the format isn't TOO much different than the Reversals that we've had during ex before. However, it was never guaranteed and babies + ex only give 3 prizes. That's two more ex Pokemon. You figure, you'll still be having to KO 3 to 4 Pokemon a game rather than the usual six in our current format. It won't change too much, (especially if HS blocks do get rotated after Worlds) but it'll definitely bring more balance I believe.