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The Source

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I decide not to post on some threads for one reason- they're just too damn long!

And it's not that I don't want to read threads (I do), or that I don't want to post my opinion (I wish I could). It's that more than likely my opinion will not help; more often than not, most angles have been beaten to a bloody pulp by the time I decide to post.

So let me say my peace here, and you (reading this blog), can apply it to pretty much any topic in any forum.

When I see a problem, I start at the source. When a problem needs to be solved, or examined, it should begin at the source.

Here are 3 examples to better help my claim:

1) The Rotation- Rotations happen once a year, approximatley, and they help us become fine-tuned with Japan (If you're not in Japan already, of course). The problem we have are sour formats (if rotation happens too late) or simple formats (if rotation happens too early). What the source is, is Japan- not P!P, not the judges, but Japan. We can complain about what rotated, how often, and so forth- it's Japan's fault. They did it first. We have to adjust. When Worlds comes around, we need to have what they have, not the other way around.

2) Illegal Winner- I recently saw a topic about a person who won a tournament he wasn't supposed to. The problem? He wasn't even qualified to enter. The Source? Registration. To me, regardless of what he won or how he won it, it's all legit. Registration said he could, and he did. If Registration had done the task assigned to them, there'd be no problem.

3) Netdecks- Notice how the pre-fix is "Net", as in "interNET". Hate how everyone is playing the same thing they got from the internet? Well stop posting your decklists Online. It's not the player's fault for being "Netdeckers", it's the internet's fault for being an open resource. I personally don't mind people that netdeck. 9 times out of 10, they don't know what they're doing anyway. 4 times out 5, however, they can tell you the basic strategy, who played it, where, when, and maybe even give a few choice scenerios. I don't blame them, heck I give them gratitude- Kudos on doing some research and being resourceful. Creativity is dead and gone to them, but that's more of a pride-aspect to me.

And that's all I have to say. Most people ignore the source, and would rather complain about the end result and go so far as to blame a scapegoat.