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Pokemon Online and a week until the prerelease.

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Wow pokemon online is a blast. Been playing it alot this week and the pokemon tcg should be online a week from now. Emerging powers packs will have codes for online pack and i'm going to a plethora of pre-releases. If you havent played Pokemon-Online or PokemonTCG, they are very well written pokemon simulators. Tons of fun, very user friendly, and probably the best way to play pokemon. Second best actually, if your taking a road trip with your friends. Boss!

Was playing around with alot of different pokemon just for kicks. Scrafty and Quagsire are ridiculous. Ditto is like a crazy TCG Zoroark but will almost always attack first. Broken. I absolutely love how lower uber tier pokemon have been added to OU and dream world powered OU are uber. The game feels really fun and balanced. Tournaments must be insane. The VA area is pretty crazy with Pokemon VG. So it should be fun to get into around here.

I cant wait for the new emerging powers. Some of the playtesting i've done has been great. Prerelease is a week away and I just got a load of cards i ordered in the mail. Gettin ready for war.

Mew Prime has been stuck in my mind for a while. Every stage 2 pokemon I feel can be used with the little bugger. Crobat Prime for example makes Mew a monster capable of sniping and 4x poison. Gengar is obvious but I feel he only scratches the surface of what Mew Prime is capable of. Lost Linking a Magnezone Prime is one that seems cool. Setup with Mew turn one with Rainbow or psychic, then attach another energy and either pachi or emboar it up for 100-150 damage. Turn 2 150 damage. The obvious drawback is you dont get the beefyness of Magnezone but hitting for that hard is still pretty ridiculous.

In short. Internet and pokemon is great. Why arent you playing pokemon online yet? Mew Prime is great.