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DjJoe's Rants

Stage 2- Utterly Useless?

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After looking over the cards in Emerging Powers, I and Everyone else can agree- Stage 2's are done.

That is to say that Basics and Stage 1's are significantly better than Stage 2's.

Firstly, we have no Evolution Acceleration. Rare Candy doesn't count, because now a Basic needs to be out for a full turn. We lost both Spiritomb AR and Broken Time Space, which made Stage 2 decks possible.

Secondly, our Stage 1 choices are almost always significantly better at winning the game than stage 2's. Stage 1 are better at winning the game, while Stage 2 are better at playing the game.

We now have Stage 1's (Beartic, looking at you) that have 130 Hp, Basics at 130 Hp, and Stage 2's that cap at....170? Most Stage 2's you don't want to see to begin with, the few exceptions are Machamp Prime, Kingdra Prime, Magnezone Prime, Emboar, Samurott, and Vileplume UD. Beyond that, you can get away with running Stage 1's and be somewhat OK and not "Devastated". My main point in concern here? Metapod HS you almost NEVER want to evolve. Most of the Primes (Donphan runs the show) are Stage 1.

Pokemon Catcher doesn't "Break" the format by itself. Mathematically, you have a 1/15 chance of drawing one, and if you can get 4 Junk Arms in there, you'd need 16 cards to play all 8 times. (4 PC, 4 JA, 8 Discards) The card is good, we'll give it that, but it' the newly founded support in a Power Creep that gives it total dominance in the format.