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Pre-release Blues

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I couldn't go to the Emerging Powers Prerelease. I was on a Family Vacation in Pennsylvania, and there were none near the house we rented.

Ok, ok, it's ok. You can stop crying, I know it's sad and you feel for me, but it's ok.

Anyway, missing the prerelease is not the killing blow. The killing blow, for me, is knowing I'm not going to taste the new Emerging Powers cards for another 6 days, AT LEAST.

Why do we wait so long for a release? Are two weekends of Prerelease completely necessary? I don't think so.

I think that we should have a schedule where we have ONE weekend of prereleases, followed by a refresher day (Monday) and then have the set be released the immediate next Tuesday.

This prerelease began on August 20th. Thats 11 days before release. In 7 days, supposedly, there is another prerelease. Again, I will be missing it for similar reasons (Anyone in need of flood control?). But why did we need the first prerelease if we're having a second? Was the First a PRE-prerelease?

I kinda liked the way Magic:The Gathering held their events- Prerelease Events, followed by retail release, followed by Release Events. But I just don't like that game (Bad development),but their system works, and that's something.

But now I'm stuck- I have to wait until August 31st for Emerging Powers cards.

Ok that's all. Quit crying. But I would really enjoy me some Emerging Powers cards...


  1. LegendCallerL's Avatar
    I feel for you, Hurricane Irene stopped me from going to the prerelease I was planning on going to.
  2. psychicpokemon's Avatar
    meh I don't really care more or less I had no money :P lol but it's not so bad now that it's over right? however Irene </3