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Reprint- Why not?

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Let me start by showing the card that sparked this Blog:

(Sorry, can't figure out how to insert the image in to the post)

Now, for anyone who doesn't already have one- You can't get one.

Why? Well, chances are because you didn't participate in Worlds, and you weren't given one. Presently, that is/was the only way to get one.

Rather than taking the side of "You shouldnt get one!" OR "I want one too!", let me start by analyzing key points to both sides of this predicament.

Should it stay limited availablilty?

1) Pokemon has a tendency to run Limited Time Only promotions. This includes several different genres and types. First, you have to remember that the limited "Wonder Cards" on their Gameboy/DS games from Generation IV onwards are given for about 1 month at most, and then never given again. Card promotions are sold in stores, and once stock is run low or out, that's all. Print runs of cards end at certain points, making it harder to find older cards.

2) If you attended 2011 Worlds and got this card, you have shown that you are a competitor and deserve some sort of recognition.

3) The card might not be "playable" and to give out in mass production is a waste of time and effort.

Should everyone be able to get one?

1) Although it was limited, the card was distributed unfairly- not everyone can attend Worlds, and even though most promotions require purchase, Worlds only requires transportation, time, and skill- depending on natural disaster recovery this year, some of those are impossible.

2) If they removed "WORLDS 11" from it, as well as other distinguishing marks, the card can be distributed in Dull Forms while still holding identifying points for valuable collections of those who originally earned them.

3) A card's playability is largely determined by those who play the card successfully, not the masses of decklists that may or may not include that card.

My Opinion

My opinion is simple- Everyone should have an equal opportunity to obtain basic forms of the cards released for a game at a set. firm, average value.

So let me add some points I feel are necessary to my opinion.

1) The Pokemon TCG is a game first. To me that means it should be affordable and fun. If it's not affordable or available, you can't get it, and if it's not fun you shouldn't get it. When you look up cards such as Tropical Beach on a website such as eBay, you shudder at the prices. Given Tropical Beach, it follows neither affordable nor available. If you didn't attend Worlds 2011 you are not getting one because generally, players of a game cannot shell out that much money for a single card. After you have something, then you can rate it's fun, but since we can't even get that far, what's the point? It turns people away from the game when certain people are favorited.

2) If you've browsed This Thread at all, one of the points made is that other cards have reached singular values close to Tropical Beach, but have also been classified as "Playable". Firstly, any card is playable, whether it be synergistic with a deck theme, can win you the game, or looks pretty. If you can play a card, it is playable, period end of story. The problem most people have when saying "Playable" is that they use it synonymously with "Competitive". Whether a card is competitive or not shouldn't be a factor in determining release of a card, as that can always change. Take Yanmega Prime, for example. You can find one on eBay for $30. If you checked a few weeks ago, you were looking at $45 to $60+. If you checked a few months ago, you could get them at $4 each. Additionally, we're looking at a card EVERYONE can obtain- it came as a foil rare in the HS TRIUMPHANT booster pack. You can't get Tropical Beach except as a promotional gift from Worlds 2011. So while yes- some cards can accumulate value, all cards have, at one point, been equally available and have a possibility of reaching reasonable and affordable values; Tropical Beach had a 2-day release period to a set number of people and from there has had a value determined solely by the card holders.

3) A card is a card. When I play, I look for fun. Collectors collect for either quality or quantity. When players play they either play to have fun, or to win. When you restrict a card such as Tropical Beach to one side of either story, you make it unfair to the other. While a card might not be competitive and worth release a far as card text goes, you should also look at something else- the image on the card has several starter pokemon from the Unova region. While older players and collectors probably don't care, I know for one that I have certain family members that really don't care what happens when a stadium comes into ply or what it does while it is in play, but rather will go nuts when they have those characters in their hand on a beach. Why restrict a fun, iconic card to competitive players like that?

4) Timing is everything. I'm not saying we need a reprint NOW. I'm not saying there should have been one. But even a hint of "You'll be able to get this soon!" would be nice. Maybe a statement to those who recieved it would be appropriate- "Here is BW28 Tropical Beach! You're one of the first to receive this card before it is released in the _________ set! Congratulations!"

5) Availability; I look at cards like my Poliwag from City Championships. It is sparkly, has a promotional feel to it...but for people who didn't go, they can get the card in the HS UNLEASHED set. Not to mention there was more than one City Championships, and the event was not limited to a set number of people.

That's all I have to say on the subject. 'm not saying to completely disregard those who earn certain things, but if you're going to be "Fair", then be "Fair"...

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