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Making Cards for the Game

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When I look at these sets, I see cards. Other people look at sets, and just go "WHY!?"

Here's the deal, you take cards from a set like say "Call of Legends", and you think that the set is garbage. Buying packs is a waste of time, and a waste of money, and a waste of set. Here are some different perspectives to take before calling a set or cards garbage:

1) It helps you build or enhance a deck for Modified Format. This is everyone's most popular perspective, and you see it as people call cards "Broken", start formulating ideas, and playtesting. If you main focus is winning a tournament, building a deck, or worrying about competition, this is your view.

2) It releases new Pokemon, Trainer, Supporter, or Stadium Cards for you to collect. If you have a favorite, like a certain effect, or just have a tendency to collect sets as they are released, this is the one for you. You see a new Mew for your Mew Collection and decide to buy a box to get one. You like the Juniper artwork or the Full-Art cards and hoard packs to get a bunch. Or maybe you just like having a complete Pokedex of cards. If you like collecting in a custom, personal fashion, you're here.

3) It has a collectable standpoint you are interested in.If you collect things such as Primes, Legends, Shiny Pokemon, Reprints, Full Arts- this is for you. You get those few cards that are set specific, and go with it.

4) It has a considerable impact to the Limited Format While must cards are not great in a modified constructed deck, you have to realize not every card is made for Constructed format. Here you see a format not very popular but still very contendable. Limited is what you use at a prerelease event. It's also called "Sealed" by some players, because your cardpool is sealed and cannot be altered before the tournament begins, outside of whatever it is you actually happen to open. Cards that don't particularly do well in Constructed end up here, and vice versa. Take Junk Arm, for example, a very playable constructed card that cannot do a single thing in Limited because the HS Triumphant set had no other trainers. Then take something like Pignite (either one, really) who is just a stepping stone in constructed to Emboar (Which honestly is more often than not just Rare Candy'd), is a powerhouse of consistency in Limited. Alomomola may also follow this, being a clunky Water-based attacker in constructed, but can be powerful in limited due to it's Colorless attacks.

5) It has a fun quality to it. Here we're talking about League Level, or Unlimited format style of play. Who cares what a card actually does, you just want to play a game and have fun. That's the reason you get cards.

6) Other format capabilities. While not highly appealing or played, other formats do take rise and have card enablers to fill spots. While some cards cover multiple formats, one format often overlooked is Pokemon Rumble. Others include Team Battle, 2 on 2 battle, and the possibility of 3 on 3 or Rotation style battling in the future.

7) Somewhere, somebody likes it. Lastly, don't forget that the world doesn't revolve around you. It never did, never will. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean someone else won't or will.

That's all I have to say on the subject, so remember not to be completely discouraged!