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Flooding the Game

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If you haven't seen "Victory Cup" yet, go see it. I can't link it to a different site, so if you really don't know where to look, use Google.

Anyway, the card is a Trainer and reads "Flip a coin. If heads, search your deck for a Pokemon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.".

For those who don't know, Pokeball is a trainer (In both HGSS and BW) that reads "Flip a coin. If heads, search your deck for a Pokemon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards."

To me, that's a waste. I understand that it's a collection standpoint, but let's be realistic- if you're going to win it in a tournament, you are a player, and if you are a player, you play the cards. Currently, unless you want 8 Pokeball effects (12 if you want to run Dual Ball too), there is no reason to run Victory cup in a deck when Pokeball does the exact same thing minus the effort in getting one.

At the very least they could remove the Coin Flip, or add a third so it's not a reprint of Dual Ball either...


  1. Prime's Avatar

    I didn't make the connection until you stated it.

    What rubbish.

    It's finally awarded to 2nd and 3rd but they make it the equivalent to a staple common in many sets.

    That's just lame.

    Making it a reprint of Luxury Ball would have been nice. No need to get multiple, and not a huge advantage.

    Good thoughts.
  2. LegendCallerL's Avatar
    ^Not much of an advantage? Luxury Ball was awesome!

    Anyway, it looks like TPC over-corrected. People complain about Tropical Beach being playable and hard to get, they make sure the next promo is almost useless and an equivalent card available. At least they are trying though. Personally, I'm wondering why they didn't just stick with Victory Medal.
  3. Prime's Avatar
    I didn't say it wasn't 'much of an advantage', I said it wasn't a 'huge' advantage. When, it really wasn't. Decks ran 1. I guess with Junk Arm, that could be abused, and be more effective this format.

    Also, I guarantee you that TPCi had already picked out the art, effect, name, etc of the BR promo well before Worlds. If you think about it, even players not aren't clamoring about Tropical Beach stadium anymore. It really wasn't that game-breaking. They just saw one well-known player make a thread and jumped on the bandwagon.

    But it doesn't mean TPCi didn't do a lousy job at choosing the effect of the card. Luxury Ball (with the added effect of it being only useable once a turn -- to curtail those junk arm abuses) would be perfectly decent.
  4. LegendCallerL's Avatar
    Sorry. I kind of get touchy about cards I really liked.

    I have no idea about how TPCi works so I just called it as I saw it. Apparently, I didn't see much.