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Well, That's The Game.

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It urks me to no end when people say "Well, that's the game".

I understand that. Its not the game that urks me, it's what happens in the game as a direct relation to my own personal luck.

Let's go with today. I had a Cubchoo on Bench, with 4 energy. I know, seems like a waste, but here's why: Cleffa was active against a Reshiplosion deck, and Cleffa was tired.

Now since I attached the FIRST Energy on Cubchoo, I had played a shuffle effect every turn. I had Vileplume online as well, and my opponent's field was a lone Reshiram.

Turn 1: I play Professor Oaks New Theory. No Beartic, No energy. I Eeeeeeeek. No BEartic, No Energy, Cleffa is asleep.

During my opponents turn, he drops Collector and Reshiram, along with his 3 new Cyndaquils.

Turn 2: Cleffa is asleep. I use Judge, bringing his hand down to 4 from 5. No Beartic, No Energy, I pass.

His turn- He plays Quilava, an energy, and Junipers away a Rare Candy and Pokemon Catcher. He draws 7 cards, plays a second Quilava, and a Cleffa.

Turn 3- Cleffa is STILL ASLEEP. I drop a Yanma, play a Water Energy to Cubchoo, and Copycat up to 5. No Beartic, No Energys. I pass.

His turn- Cleffa, still asleep, he plays a third Quilava, attaches a fire energy, and then Sage's Training.

Turn 4- Cleffa Wakes up. I use Copycat, new hand also has no Beartic, No Energy. I drop Yanmega, another Cleffa, and another Cubchoo. I use eeeeeek. Again, No Beartic, No Energy.

His turn- Cleffa wakes up. He drops two Typhlosion Primes, an energy from the hand to Reshiram, then Junipers 3 Fire Energy. He drops the 3rd Typhlosion Prime, attaches the Energies to Reshirams, and Outrages Cleffa away. I bring forth Cleffa.

Turn 5- I draw into DCE. I put it on Cubchoo. I use Oak's New Theory. I draw into nothing once again. I eeeeeeeek into nothing once again, except for a Rainbow Energy.

His turn- With Cleffa asleep, he plays an energy to Typhlosion and passes.

Turn 6- Cleffa is still asleep. I play Judge, Draw no Beartics, and a Water Energy, which I put on the other Cubchoo.

His turn- He Outrages Cleffa. Our hand sizes are nowhere near the same, I promote Cubchoo, hoping for a luck draw.

Turn 7- Didn't Happen. I instead Try for the Sleep of Powder Snow. It fails.

His Turn- Attaches an energy to Typhlosion, and annihilats Cubchoo. I had to again promote Cubchoo.

Turn 8- I draw Professor Oak's New Theory.I evolve, attach, attack. Reshiram is knocked out. He promotes Typhlosion.

His turn- Uses Flare Destroy.

My turn- I Copycat, no Energy, and I scoop.

I shuffled and drew cards from my deck.......9 times, 8 to get to Beartic, which I later discovered that out of the 3 in my deck, none were prized, and all 4 DCEs weren't either. When I played Judges, PONTs, and the Copycats, I kept drawing Glooms and Oddishes. My only backing to this tragedy was "Well, that's the game". I should've won, as I had him locked up (His first turn consisted of Attaching a Fire Energy to Reshiram and passing, saying he needs Energy.) against just needing to draw 1-2 cards, which came down to at least 7/46 chance of happening, plus multiple shuffle/draws. He needed Collector, which he only runs 3, and pulled it, followed by every other Supporter he needed, in order.

I understand that it's a game, but that was just a jab of pain from every direction!!!!