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Recently I saw something I wanted.

Like, I really REALLY wanted it.

But here's the problem- it's Japanese.

First, a theory. I theorized a long time ago that the more you think about something you want, the less you truly want it over time. The same holds true in stores- if you see something you like, pick it off the shelf, and walk around the store with it in your hand, you will most likely put it on a random shelf before you leave if you hadn't bee-lined to the register.

What did I really want? A few weeks ago they (Japan, Pokebeach, whoever you found the information) unveiled a Reshiram and Zekrom box set. Packs aside, it would include promo versions of the respective cards and figure of the respective dragons.

Now that I think about it; I could care less. It's been a while, at least a few weeks, and my desire for such a product has gone down tremendously.

This is the problem that Japan having an early release date- screw the Tournament Structure and Formats. Those don't matter. Pokemon is a company, and a company that has product. Whether or not Japan is playing MD-On, HGSS-On, or BW-On is irrelevant to Pokemon. What is relevant is having product available and having a steady demand for that product.

And this branches out to other services too, not just cards. Take the Downloadable Wondercards for the Pokemon Video Games- having released something in Japan first (Such as a Snarl Zoroark) decreases participation in later areas because you can simply find a buddy (grapevine it) who bred a Zoroark with Ditto to get a Snarling Zorua. Now while this information may be correct or incorrect (this was a hypothetical example), the theory is consistent- availability, especially on an exclusive level, is limited in demand. Japan gets movies and toys before we do- and by the time we get them we have already seen subtitled versions and read enough plot summaries to not care. By the time we get certain toys, we have already been led to look forward to the line immediately after, forgetting all about that which we had initially wanted.