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League Concept- Trio Badge

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I posted this originally to Card Rulings and Strategies, but it was moved to Deck Help instead. Seeing as how I thought it could go either way, I'll have to accept it as a deck help. However, I know the tendencies of that forum, and rather then spend days searching for the thread in there with virtually no replies, I figured I'd paste it here, with a few more thoughts of course...

This is a fairly new idea, I want to try it next league and see how it goes. I'm aware the Trio season is already underway, but I've been busy these past few weeks or I'd have gotten to this sooner.

Before I start, let me just review the Trio Badge:

The Trio Badge is the first badge in the Unova Region. This badge is unique, in that the Gym leader changes based on the starter. Each of the 3 leaders uses one Lillipup, and then follows with the elemental monkey of their choice.

For the Trio Badge Season, the promotional cards are Lillipup (Each leader uses it) and Grass Energy (Grass has been the long-time optimal choice for beginning trainers).

For league, I figured I would build a deck to stress the Gym Leaders. So without further ado, here is my build:

Pokemon (24)-
2x Lillipup (BW81)
2x Herdier (BW82)
2x Stoutland (BW83)
3x Panpour (EP22)
2x Simipour (EP23)
1x Simipour (BW34)
3x Pansear (EP18)
2x Simisear (EP19)
1x Simisear (BW22)
3x Pansage (EP1)
2x Simisage (EP2)
1x Simisage (BW8)

T/S/S (21)-
4x Great Ball
3x Professor Oak's New Theory
1x Professor Elm's Training Method
3x Pokemon Communication
1x Profesor Juniper
1x Cheren
1x Bianca
2x Energy Search
2x Dual Ball
2x Switch
1x Flower Shop Lady

Energy (15)-
4x Rainbow Energy
2x Doublecolorless Energy
3x Basic Fire
3x Basic Grass
3x Basic Water

Before I get started on the explanations, let me just say two very important things. Firstly, this is by no means competitive. If this earns anybody Championship points at a Battle Roads, Regional, Cities, or whatever- please let me know and I will send you a digital handshake and/or high-five. This is meant strictly for league and fun play for it's theme. Secondly, this deck is open to suggestions, so feel free to comment and critique freely. Just keep that first point in mind.

Ok, so- the deck. I chose to run 24 Pokemon because I want to really stress the importance of playing Pokemon. It's after a Gym Battle, so why not?

Pansage/Panpour/Pansear- I chose the Emerging Powers versions because they all do the two things I want in a beginning basic- Draw and Damage. Additionally, they are also not held back by Energy Restrictions, making the start of the game very flexible. Additionally, they are also elemental copies of the Lillipup, so the start of every game will almost always be a Collect, barring available energy.

Evolved Monkeys- I chose 2/1 on each monkey for a few reasons- one version has a single cost attack, while the other benefits from having different types of energy on it. I also wanted to randomize the evolutions slightly. Additionally, the BW versions NEED a specific energy type right away to attack, and as such only need one. The EP versions can use any type of energy, but need two to do so.

Lillipup Line- Lillipup is this season's promo card, and is used by all three of the Trio leaders. I kept it to a simple 2-2-2 line so that it doesn't outshine the monkeys.

Trainers/Supporters: I chose not to include any Trainers that directly affect an opposing Trainer. As such, I didn't include things such as Pokemon Catcher, Pokemon Circulation, Seeker, or Judge. Additionally, I kept the trainers basic and themeful. I tried to include each Professor available, and kept the two Unova friends, Cheren and Bianca, in there as well. I left out Pokemon Collector because it would draw through the deck too quickly, and Great Ball works just fine (and can even get evolutions!) I had wanted to put Potions in there, and perhaps a later build may incorporate them instead of Dual Balls, but I just don't think 3 damage counters is sufficient. If it had been 5 damage counters, they'd already be in there.

Energy: I kept the basics at 3 to serve 1 of each basic. The Doublecolorless energy are in there to support the evolved forms. Rainbow Energies serve as an energy fix; while supplying energy to the evolved Emerging Powers monkeys for their first attack, they also essentially up the deck to 7 of each energy type.

Gameplay: Gameplay of this deck is very quick and easy, with less strategy then what many players are used to. The basic pokemon in this deck all do the same things, with their only differences being Weakness and Resistances. The Stage 1's all need at most 2 energy to get off one attack, and a limit of 3 to perform all attacks. Stoutland is recovery- rarely using Giga Impact and absorbing damage while getting re-set-up. While the deck has a few one-ofs, there are very rare occasions of dead draws, and since each line of pokemon is set to being able to perform on any energy type and better with certain types, the field is flexible and will rarely be stuck looking for the right energy.

Match-ups: The deck performs in the exact same way the Gym Leaders would. It will have it's advantages (Speed is a key factor in this deck, since the Stage 1's will mostly all perform a damage attack the second turn) against certain types and disadvantages against others. Like the Unova region, it should almost immediately lose to larger pokemon, such as Zekrom or Reshiram, as these Gym Leaders are set to test beginning trainers, not destiny-bound trainers who are more than likely Pokemon League Champions. Any well-thought out deck that is consistent will most likely pass over this deck, while an out-of-the-box Theme Deck may be on equal terms.

Theme: Since all three leaders are shown in the deck, either one can be shown to an opposing player. As such, if a particular type is active, the deck should stick to that type until Knockout, hesitantly using cards like Switch until dire situations. The cards themselves are basic, sticking to basic themes and game mechanics.

Plussides: This is a great tool for League Leaders and enthusiastic players to use at their local League. While Master division players may get discouraged having to play such a deck, Juniors and Seniors may find the thrill of the Trio Badge a little more exciting.

Downsides: Unfortunately, this deck cannot participate in the Trio Badge TCG Challenge as explained on your League Card.

Now my league was over this past weekend,so I did get an opportunity to try it out- MAJOR FUN!As such, I will be building a deck for each Season, and of course I will be posting them here in my Blogs. They'll all start out with "League Concept", so stay tuned!

**Also: 30 Blog Entries! Woot!

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    what a great idea.