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League Concept- Basic Badge

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I figured that this time around, I would get a jumpstart on the League Building. This time, however, I figured to let myself expand a bit.

For my first League Concept, I wanted a basic deck. It was a perfect (in my mind) representation off all three Gym Leaders of Striaton City, showing off each elemental monkey and the Lillipup line they all had in common.

This time, there is only one gym leader, and unfortunately for me, that gym leader sticks to one type only- Colorless.

Background: Nacrene City is home to the Pokemon Museum, the second Gym Battle, and the second N battle. To get here, the player needed to encounter Team Plasma officially, in the Dreamyard.

Here's the deck:

Pokemon (22):
2 Patrat BW77
1 Patrat EP78
1 Patrat BW78
2 Watchog BW79
2 Watchog EP79
2 Lillipup BW80
2 Herdier BW82
2 Stoutland BW83
2 Archen
2 Archeops
2 Tirtuoga
2 Carracosta

T/S/S (24):
1 Professor Juniper
1 Professor Elm's Training Method
2 Copycat
4 Professor Oak's New Theory
1 N
3 Pokemon Communication
4 Great Ball
2 Potion
1 Interviewer's Questions
2 Plume Fossil
2 Cover Fossil
1 Xtransceiver

Energy (15):
4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Rainbow Energy
3 Water Energy
3 Fighting Energy
1 Rescue Energy

Ok, so, this seems like a multicolored MESS. It does, I'm not going to lie. Compared to the first one, it seems like I went in the complete opposite direction. I did, yet I didn't.

First, I just want to point out the Patrat- The card BW78 and EP78 are the exact same card. Different artwork, yes, but they are copies of themselves. Of course I'm using one of each for the deck for flavor, but I found it funny that first they share the same number in their set, but they share everything else too.

Patrat/Watchog: It's really hard to build these decks without thinking of ways to make cards work without overstepping boundaries. I of course mean that I would like to include Victini, to reuse flipping, but you can't catch or even meet Victini until you arrive in Castelia City, so no Victini. I chose to simply run each Patrat and Watchog, doubling on BW77 because of it's garuanteed attacks.I couldn't run less than 4-4 of this line due to it being the signature pokemon of this gym.

Lillipup/Herdier/Stoutland: Again, it's hard to make basics work. As techs and random throwins, they are easy. But basing a strategy around them is TOUGH. So I chose a 2-2-2 line again, imply because like Striaton City it seems the Gym Leaders just like leading with dogs. I switched Lillipups this time, changing to the Pickup version for one simple reason: First Turn Fossil card into a second chance at using that Fossil.

Tirtuoga/Carracosta/Archen/Archeops: This is where it got tricky. See, with Striaton, I had 4 lines of pokemon to choose from. With Nacrene, I have 2. However, I realized that had I kept to the actual badge concept, I'd have had the Striaton City deck build with only 8 pokemon and I'd have to make a decision on which Type to support. Instead, I chose to embrace the passion of the city itself, which was represented by 3 types and lillipup. For Nacrene City, I did the same thing- Lenora uses Normal type pokemon, however Nacrene City is known for it's museum. As you later know, the museum is also your breeding ground for fossils, so I decided to use them as well. I kept them at 2-2 for each, to reduce odds, but decided that Lillipup aids the use of Fossils, as well as repeated deck shuffling through Professor Oak's New Theory.

Supporters/Trainers: I chose to go easy on the search supporters because the Fossils are so impacting here and I wanted to reduce deadweight as much as possible. I included 4 Professor Oaks and 2 Copycats to increase the shuffling and to put back the Revived pokemon incase they are drawn. I included a copy of N for flavor- you would have fought him twice by the time you challenge the Nacrene gym, so it's only fair to make his guest appearence in the deck (and subsequently, every deck from here on). The same holds true for the Xtransceiver; by now you've made at least one call so it's useful to have in there. I would have put it in the Striaton Gym deck, but the card was not released. I found Great Ball to be far superior to Pokemon Collector in the other deck as well, so I decided to give it another go. Unlike Pokemon Collector, Great Ball is excellent Late game, can find you Stage 1s and Stage 2s, can be played in multiples, and shuffles the deck too. Interviewer's questions in this deck is a must, as there's more Special Energy than Basic this time around.

Energy: Putting in 15 energy was rough- I originally had Psychic types in there to cover a 2-2 Munna line, but it would have been too much even with the Rainbow Energies. I chose the line in there now based on frequency- as long as you're not attaching energy and having that pokemon get knocked out, energy consumption should be fairly balanced.

Gameplay: Much like the first build, this deck is a fun deck. Therefore, it's up to the player, as always, to come up with his or her own unique style of play. While previously I suggested to stick to a mimicry of the actual Gym battle, this time I would say to let loose, showing What Nacrene City is known for- Normal types and a Collection of ancient fossils.

Matchups: Again, this deck will not carry you far. It's not meant to. Just have fun with it, but I promise the next one (Insects!) will be much more fun and tricky.

Theme: IT's tough because you essentially have 2 Problems to contend with. First, there's only 6 Basics. The other 4 are Revived Pokemon, so expect a mulligan or two. Secondly, should you get out the Archeops, you may or may not have trouble getting anything else out.

Plussides: It's a little more advanced, and the cards themselves generally do more. Don't be afraid to just have fun with Watchogs.

Downsides: It's going to be an uphill battle from turn one. If you can get out a fossil, do so. It'll make the game more interesting, at least.

Sidenotes: This one was especially hard to do. I had wanted, ever so badly, to include more notable Normal-types such as Cincinno or Audino, but flavor says otherwise. I was lucky to think of adding the fossils, but even I think this version is much more viable:

4-4 Watchog
3-3-3 Stoutland
3-3 Musharna

4 Professor Oak's New Theory
2 Professor Elm's Training Method
1 Professor Juniper
1 N
4 Great Ball
3 Pokemon Communication
3 Potion
2 Energy Exchanger
1 Switch
1 Flower Shop Lady

4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Rescue Energy
7 Psychic Energy

A lot more concrete and build and more stress on the experience in the Dreamyard over the Nacrene City passion. It still has N in it, to again show the encounter with N.

Feel free to use either decklist for your local League and be sure to have fun with this little challenge!

As with the previous deck, feel free to post any fixes, changes or experiences. I'll wait this next time, but I'll be sure to post my next League Concept later in the month!


  1. bullados's Avatar
    Two other things you could have done.

    1) Legendary Dragons. It's kind of a cop-out, but Lenora does give you the Light/Dark Stone.

    2) Big bad Dragon types. The artifact stolen from the Museum was the "Dragon Skull". Have fun with those various evolution lines.
  2. djjoe227's Avatar
    In terms of Gym Challenge, both of those events happen after you've already beaten Lenora. It's why I was iffy on the Fossils to begin with, as they're the only thing you can do BEFORE challenging the Gym (the Fossils aren't Key items, so you can recieve one from a separate game through Trade). I wasn't, unfortunately, able to confirm if the museum will do the Revival for you, but I can only assume they will.

    It was because of this I included the Munna version, as that event in the Dreamyard happens after Striaton but before Nacrene.
  3. chrataxe's Avatar
    Dude, just wanted to say, I really dig the league concept blogs. I don't play the video game beyond helping my son breed, so I didn't know all the stuff you were talking about, but it is really awesome to have a "theme" for the kids at league, especially one they will understand and that is "fun" and gives them a chance to win since the deck isn't really great. Awesome job man!