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Improper Weakness

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When I look at cards to put in my deck, one of the biggest factors I consider is their Weakness.

Weakness, in short, makes or breaks the game. If you have a high volume of Fire decks, Steel is not for you. If Zekrom makes an appearence, your Water deck will most likely be done in less than 10 agonizing turns.

In our current Meta, we see these types pop up more often than others:

FIRE (Reshiram, Typhlosion)
ELECTRIC (Zekrom, Pachirisu, Magnezone)
FIGHTING (Donphan Prime)
WATER (Blastoise, SEL, Beartic)
PSYCHIC (Gothitelle)

I discluded Grass because Except for Yanmega (Who doesn't hit for Weakness anyway), most grass types are utility and support (Vileplume).

That means that if you were playing anything weak to Steel, Grass, or Dark you should be somewhat "OK".

However, the nature of those decks also come into play- Out of the above, we can knock off Water and Psychic, as those general have Midgame presences. The big two we worry about are really Electric and Fire (It's what's been top cut nearly all Battle Roads).

Now onto my point- Virizion.

Virizion, from Noble Victories, is a card I believe that can push Grass types into competitive again. you have a solid advantage attack for only one grass energy, or a solid 80 attack for two energy. Of course it does only 40 the first time, but a consistent 80 on turn 3 forward with no further energy committment is simply amazing.

So where does Virizion fall short? The Weakness- FIRE.

Now Virizion is a Grass type, and naturally Grass is weak to Fire. It's one of the basic starter weaknesses. However, Virizion is also Fighting. Fighting, is not weak to Fire, and rather is just damaged normally. But Fighting is weak to Psychic.

Had Virizion been weak to Psychic, it would be MUCH more playable.

But now let me bring to the table something that proves Virizion deserved, in my mind, why Virizion should have had a Psychic Weakness:


Vileplume is a Grass/Poison type, and is weak to Psychic in the TCG. If Vilepume can hold a weakness to it's secondary type, why can't Virizion?


  1. LegendCallerL's Avatar
    Huh, maybe I'll try playing Virizion at league with Metapod...
  2. djjoe227's Avatar
    In that sense, you can also do the same strategy with Leavanny NV.

    It's not about correcting that weakness, it's about the concepts, really. Virizion is grass AND fighting, but on this card the Grass type is stressed weakening it to Fire over Psychic. Yanmega Prime is Bug and Flying, but on that card the Flyiing type is stressed over Bug and is given an Electric Weakness. Butterfree HS is Bug and Flying, yet is given the Bug weakness of Fire. Virizion is printed twice, once in NV and the other in EP, both are weak to Fire despite the Fighting secondary type.
  3. LegendCallerL's Avatar
    I understand your point about how using the secondary type in terms of weakness could make cards better. I never looked at this card as playable before and wanted to say that I was going to try using it.