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Dragon "Type" Hype

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It's been hyped and hinted- we're getting a new type, and it'll be DRAGON.

We had 6 types already, got two more (Metal and Darkness) and now we have one more on the way.

I want to analyze everything we have thus far, and then I will give my best possible guess on what a "Dragon" type pokemon may or may not do.

Fire: Fire types cover only Fire pokemon, and typically their attacks do one of several things. First and foremost, they cause Burn. Second, they discard energy from themselves. And Finally, although seldomly used, they just do damage. That's right- Fire types are one of the very few types that have a decent number of attacks that have no effects. Anyway, the two we want to focus our thoughts on are Burn ("The defending pokemon is now burned") and discarding energy. They are ALL weak to Water; no resistance.

Grass: Grass types do just about everything. They are the iPhone/iPod Touch of Pokemon- you want something done? There's a Grass type for that. Grass usually covers two types- Grass Types (duh) and Bugs. It USED to cover Poison, and there's a Grass/Poison (Vileplume, looking at you) it is covered by Grass. Anyway, Grass types do have a trend- they heal damage, and they inflict special conditions. Any abilities, bodies, or powers usually go with this disruption of the flow of the game as well, but may veer off into other random effects. Your bulk of the Grass types though- Healing, and Special Conditions.Most are weak to Fire, some are weak to Psychic, and a few are weak to Electric. A small amount are resistant to Water, and a few that are weak to Electric are resistant to fighting.

Water: Like Grass, Water covers two types- Water and Ice. Water types do several effects as well- Water types generally either do spread damage or give bonuses for extra energy. Ice types usually cause the Sleep condition or try to prevent attacks in some form. A few Water types heal, but not a whole lot of them. Most are weak to Electricity, some are weak to Grass, and some are weak to Steel/Metal.

Fighting: Fighting covers a whopping three types- Fighting, Rock, and Ground. Our ground types are usually defined by one defining characteristic nowadays- Earthquake. If it deals damage to a bench, it's a ground type. Our rock types share an attack trait with Fighting types- they benefit off of having multiple energy attached. Fighting types, however, also benefit from attacking in general, having a good number be able to blow past Resistance and other effects on a pokemon. Most are weak to Psychic, Grass, and Water, and very few are resistant to Electric.

Electric: Electric Types are the only ones in this group, and they all do the same thing- they all damage themselves or flip a coin to deal extra damage. Some try to paralyze the opponent. But really, that covers the gist of electric types. All are weak to Fighting types, and a few resist Steel/Metal.

Psychic: Psychic types cover Poison, Ghost and Psychic types. Let's make this one short too- Psychics try to confuse, Ghosts place damage counters, and Poison tries! Psychics are weak to Psychic types and Dark Types.

Dark Types: Again, Dark types try to deal extra damage. It's that evil type of aura, I guess, building into their overall rage. It's reflected on their Special Energy card! Dark types are generally weak to Fighting, and most are resistant of Psychic.

Metal/Steel Types: Metal/Steel types try to reduce the damage. I guess that hard body tries to reduce damage done to itself with impenetrable defenses. All Steel/Metal pokemon are weak to Fire, and a few are resistant to Psychic.

Finally, our Colorless type can cover...Normal and Flying.

I feel like I'm missing a type....

Oh, DUH- Dragons.

Dragons, up until now, have appeared in just about every type. We have Rayquaza, a colorless type but requires and to attack; We have Dragonite, who is colorless and works based on coinflips; We have Hydreigon, who is Dark and likes to deal as much damage as possible at a high cost; We have Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, all of which have the Outrage attack and a devastating second attack unique to each; we have Kingdra, who uses it's Water base power to deal precision damage at a low (or no) cost; We have Haxorus, a colorless type again based on coinflips; Dialga is a Steel type and is unfortunately a victim of flavor-based cards; Palkia is a water type dragon that also falls to a flavor-based card; and finally we have Altaria, which I can guarantee that 90% of you reading this completely forgot was a dragon.

Of the above mentioned, we are missing a Grass Dragon, a Fighting Dragon, and a Psychic Dragon.

Looking at these dragons, and at previously released Dragons, we see a few trends.

1) Dragons deal massive damage.
2) Dragons have a drawback
3) Prolonged use of their great power increases the chances they will fail
4) Dragons are not happy individuals
5) Dragons are resistant to Fire, Electric, and Water.
6) Dragons do not like other dragons nor do they appreciate the company of Ice.

So let's tackle each individually:

1) Dragons deal massive damage- well no explanation needed there.

2) Dragons have a drawback- With Great Power comes....Great coinflips! Many dragons need coinflips, and can sometimes have their attacks do nothing. Other Dragons, like our BW Outragers, need to rack up self damage, deal themselves damage, or discard energy.

3) Prolonged use of their great power increases the chances they will fail- This really ties into the second one, because as you flip a coin, the chances the next one is Tails becomes statistically larger. Also, this supports the energy discard, in that if your dragons run out of energy...well, you get the point.

4) Dragons are not happy individuals- By that I mean simply that Dragons are not team players. You've got a dragon, and it's doing one thing- attacking. There aren't any Dragons that help each other, currently, and no Dragons help your other Pokemon in play. This is going to play a major role in my guess, so keep this one in mind.

5) Dragons are resistant to Fire, Electric, and Water- It's just known, from the game, about these resistances. Some previously released dragons had double resistances, and due to the tendency to fly, some Dragons supported Fighting Resistances as well.

6) Dragons are weak to Dragons and Ice- Now here's the interesting part. Currently, our Dragons are not defined. So, until they actually make Dragon a type, we can't say Dragons are weak to Dragons, yet. Ice, however, is defined by Water. Water, is resisted by Dragons. So here's a major thing, as most other dragons were resistant to Colorless types, and that just won't do (I mean really- can you imagine Patrat racking up damage on a Rayquaza?)

So here is my guess on Dragons-

Dragon Types- Will be Dual/Hybrid types with the other types for at least the first set.

Weaknesses- Weak to Dragon type; otherwise dependant on the secondary typing.
Resistances- Completely dependant on the secondary type of the Dragon

Attack Trends- Low costed attacks will require coinflips of be energy dependant- as attacks cost more energy, options become available but will restrict the attack in some way (self damage, cant use next turn, etc.)

Special Energy Card- Guess 1) Will count as any type of energy as long as it is attached to a Dragon. This is due to the nature of dragons drawing on many different elements, notably Raquaza and Salamence, who have previously shown use of Fire, Electric, and Water.
Guess 2) Dragon gains Resistance -20 of each Energy type attached to it.

Another interesting thing to note is that Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem all have Outrage- a Dragon type move. This could also play a role in smaller dragons, because as we see with "Round", the card game is not afraid to directly reference attack names in other attacks...


  1. Prime's Avatar
    I like the idea of the Dragon Rainbow Energy.

    I'd like to see Ghost-type get it's own type later. But I can understand how it may be easier to take a type that is often colorless and make it new type than take a type that has been a colored type since forever and assign it a brand new color.
  2. bullados's Avatar
    Weakness could also be Water types, considering that Water covers Ice types as you noted above. It would be strange to see a Pokemon with the exact same printed Weakness and Resistance...
  3. djjoe227's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bullados
    Weakness could also be Water types, considering that Water covers Ice types as you noted above. It would be strange to see a Pokemon with the exact same printed Weakness and Resistance...
    Yes, that would be quite interesting. Can you imagine Dialga that is weak AND Resistant to Fire, a Rayquaza that is weak AND Resistant to water, or a Salamence Weak and Resistant to Electric?