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Missing the HGSS Theme Decks

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Every now and then, I think back to how awesome it was for the theme decks from the HGSS block to come with a booster pack.

It was pretty awesome, actually. I remember going up to the counter at my local hobby shop and wondering what to buy. They were out of Triumphant, a brilliant set with plenty of Primes in it, but they still had some Triumphant theme decks left. I knew it'd come with a pack, so I bought it. Sure enough, I pulled a Gengar Prime out of the single pack, giving me the third one I wanted for my Lost Zone deck. I got very lucky.

I remember being able to suggest theme decks to people, 1) because they were improving, and still are, but 2) because they came with a booster pack, so it was like only paying $8 for a theme deck -- which isn't bad at all.

Now, the BW theme decks come with a code card that someone can use to get the theme deck on Pokemon TCG: Online.

If you're not into that, then...sorry.

Why couldn't TPCi bring back the booster pack in the theme deck for BW?

Many of the booster packs come with a code card too, so it'd be like a two-fer, getting a code for a theme deck and a code for a pack. It'd only make the theme decks more desirable.

It isn't like TPCi doesn't produce the packs and can't afford to shill out the pennies it costs to produce the packs to put a pack in each of the theme decks.

Honestly, it would seem to me, that the best approach to making any Pokemon item look more enticing is including a booster pack with it. I remember the only Official Pokemon Magazine that was released a year or two ago, the one I wrote a shining review for on this blog, and it included a booster pack with it -- which was BRILLIANT.

Take a pack of Pokemon sleeves (60) and put a booster pack with them.

Take a small card binder and put a booster pack with them.

ANYTHING gets better when you include a booster pack with them.

I hope TPCi reconsiders putting booster packs in theme decks again sometime in the future.


  1. bullados's Avatar
    Well, at least for 3 series...

    HS and UNL didn't have boosters in their PCDs. Heck, those PCDs were pretty not good. UNL had IMO the best PCDs that this game has seen. I do like what they've done with the new Prime packages, only making a good product better.

    I do agree that there should be at least one Pokemon booster pack in pretty much everything Pokemon. Including the VGs. Cost? Virtually nil. Benefit? Infinite.
  2. djjoe227's Avatar
    Nice thoughts, I agree I wish we had that too. I don't like the Online Game, my computer's too slow to accomodate it correctly.

    As far as VGs- I wouldn't put a Booster Pack in the game itself, but instead put a Ticket with a Serial number to register the game, Or, include an ingame feature to redeem things online. When you do either, a Booster Pack gets mailed out to you personally. I only say this because when you include things like that, companies (Gamestop) WILL take the time to remove such things from products, and such things do get ripped out by shoplifters constantly.
  3. bulbasnore's Avatar
    Yes, those decks were easy to recommend as a purchase with the pack in them. It was brilliant. I wonder if the 'early release of theme decks' for BW was a strategy for making them attractive without the pack?

    Also, I'm liking Bullados' comment about putting a pack in the VG box. Cross marketing does not make me cross.