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I hate the Holiday Season.

Why? There's never anything "new".

I mean yeah, the prices are great. But when it comes down to it- I have all this stuff already.

They've released "new product", which is really new and intuitive ways to distribute packs. The Promo cards have mostly been reprints (Hello 4th version Reshiram/Zekrom..) and even the new Victini Tin will have a Reprinted Card, a Reprinted Toy, and Packs.

How many different ways can we get these packs over and over and over again!?

What I see: More Zekroms and Reshirams, reprints of the same cards (BW Starters, Stage 2 Starters), and Promos of Basic Evolving Pokemon (Minccino, Zorua, Litwick, Axew)

What I'd like to see: Promos that are not reprints and that are of Stage 1 or 2 Pokemon, or even new Legendaries.

What else I'd like to see: Combination Toy + Pack. There's no real reason why a Pikachu figure can't come with a pack of Black & White...Or even a TV Show Card. Maybe a small Episode Summary Card with a scene from the episode on the opposite side.

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