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DjJoe's Rants

How I Feel about EX and the state of the Game.

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When I see the new "EX" cards, I see collectibles. I like having goals. I'm still not done with my NV Fullarts, and keeping a consistent goal when trading is healthy for me. It gives me reason to be interested in other people's collections, and vice versa.

However, I don't believe "EX" is the answer the game itself needed, not fully anyway.

Here's my gripe- I can only run 4 Pikachu and 4 Raichu. I use these because everyone just "likes" Pikachu. I mean, even competitive players chuckle at the little guy.

But that's it. 4. They make so many versions, and I understand each one does different things, but once you burn through those 4, you're done. I believe the new EX rule allows 4 Basics and 4 EXs of the same pokemon, but the selection is so limited to begin with, I don't think the impact would really be noticed.

So here is my suggestion- add Nature to cards.

What does Nature entail, in my mind? Well, it'd look like this:

Type: Lightning
HP 110
{attack 1}
{attack 2}

Why is that? Because Thundurus is a Flying type. He cannot be hit by ground attacks. I understand the version we have now should be weak to fighting types because it covers rock types, but then why can't Tornadus have the same weakness? In fact, he resists fighthing types!

Anyway, what they could do is add "<>{type}" to Pokemon. You can run 4 of one type, and 4 of another type, and the reason being is that they are differently type matched. It doesn't have to be their secondary type either. You can have "Pikachu<>Agility" and "Pikachu<>Sp.Atk". It gives you more options as well. You can have a Gigalith, per say, with an attack that reads "If the defending pokemon is a Flying type, this attack does 30 more damage". It just adds more consistency in the overall deckbuilding and play of the deck. Also, types do not change the Pokemon, so you can have either of the above listed Pikachus evolve into Raichu (any).

What does this really solve? Evolving. Right now we are faced with 1 clear-cut dilemma: Overpowered Basics. We have to lay down, for example, at least 2 Cyndaquils to begin set-up. And, of course, that's assuming we have either the Quilava or Typhlosion ready to go too.With Zekrom, being an example of an overpowered Basic with high HP, you won't need to worry about a Stage 1, Stage 2, or Rarecandy effect; Zekrom is fine all on it's own. But ignore why- what I want to focus on is that we NEED TWO. That' half the total Cyndaquils in the deck! How many times have you played games where you never see even one? Imagine if we bumped that number up to 8? or Higher? Probability, we need more evolving basics to play. Zekrom and Cyndaquil should NEVER battle each other, but more often than not that's what it would come down to. Can Zekrom take down Typhlosion just as easily? Of course, but at least then it would be much more fair!

*Yes, I took the "<>{type}" directly from VS System.

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  1. LegendCallerL's Avatar
    I would support this if they ever did it, solely for the reason that you could more easily build a deck centered around the Eeveelutions.
  2. Prime's Avatar
    My local league runs a house-rule that a deck can run 6 eevees. LOL

    Honestly, I think SP were the right way to go. If Basics are going to dominate, just make everything basics. In video game and the cartoon, trainers send out the final stage, usually not needing to start from scratch.

    Yes, it'd change the game drastically. Perhaps it could be a spinoff of the game, more like Yugioh.
  3. djjoe227's Avatar
    I think the idea behind SPs was fine; the execution was horribly wrong.

    It would be really nice to not have to evolve something such as Pidgey-> Pidgeotto or Rattata->Raticate over the course of two turns. After all, you can catch many of the Stage 1's in the game and as you said Trainers have Stage 1's and Stage 2's frequently.

    I just think that Pokemon in general loses out on it's variety in its cards (I mean, there's over 600 Pokemon when I say this) when it prints two different pokemon with one having far superior stats, no evolution line, and weakness/resistance that only make sense with 5+ minutes of thought or debate. It makes it a clear cut case of "Play this" and "Don't play this".