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Clarifying Rarity

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I just want to get this straight, so if anyone disagrees please feel free to tell me why:

Commons- half the pack. The most basic cards of the set.

Uncommons- 3/10 cards in the pack and moderately advanced.

Rares- 1/10 card in the pack. Skill level varying.

So we have the Pack Slots Rarity, with the Reverse Foil being a random card. So the tiers of Rarity are as follows, from least rare to most rare:

Basic Energy
Common (circle in lower right)
Uncommon (diamond in lower right)
Rare (black star in lower right)
Super Rare (foil picture/artwork)
Chase Rare (White Star in lower right, often has white border)
Secret Rare (Set ID is an improper fraction, i.e. 115/114)

To give an example using Noble Victories:

Common- Solosis
Uncommon- Duosion
Rare- Reuniclus
Super Rare- Cobalion
Chase Rare- Fullart Cobalion
Secret Rare- Meowth


  1. bullados's Avatar
    Well, it kinda depends on the set and the block that you're talking about. Every Pokemon set has these rarities:

    Common, Uncommon, Rare, Rare-Holographic

    And ever since Legendary Collection, we've had the Reverse Holographic card.

    Any rarities beyond those tend to depend on the set and can be named differently. For the BW sets, we've generally used "Super Rare" and "Secret Rare" for our higher rarities. But the HS sets had Prime-Rare but not Secret-Rare.
  2. djjoe227's Avatar
    Except for Call of Legends and Emerging Powers specifically, it was easy to tell rarity based on that tier.


    Chase Rares- Primes/LEGENDS
    Secret Rares- Alph Lithograph

    B&W Set:
    Chase Rares- Full art
    Secret Rares- Pikachu/Meowth
  3. bullados's Avatar
    Primes were a completely different rarity classification, as they replaced the Reverse Holo card in a pack, rather than the rare.