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Leaving this Game

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That's it- I'm all done.

After over a year of playing, frustration, and upsets, I am done collecting the Pokemon TCG.

This game was a breakaway- I had just finished college, had sold all of my Magic the Gathering cards, and was introduced to this game in December of 2010. It was a time where I was led to believe a Theme Deck could be fun (My first purchase and collection for a week was the Umbreon UD Theme deck) and the store that I had played showed a variety. My first Tournament ever had 4 different opponents, and not a single SP deck that day.

I had entered the City Championships, and while only winning once, my Scizor Prime/Umbreon UD was fun. I had again a diverse field, and the game was fresh.

By the following Spring, I had developed a collection, built a Ho-Oh Legend deck, and was on my way to building my Arceus deck. And then it happened- Rotation.

Unlike other games, I feel that a surprise rotation hurts. It makes players like me cringe- I JUST started playing. It's not like now, where a rotation wouldn't hurt- I established my playstyle, my collection, my future goals (well, until my decision), and it wouldn't be nearly as impacting. But I was still developing back then, and to me it was a huge blow. I now had not even half a year's growth go to waste, and since there is no other formats that use these rotated cards, I had to essentially trash them. I still have them even, but they're so worthless and untradable, I can do nothing with them. My last big event I went 3-2 in City Championships with Arceus, right before the rotation.

What's more is that while I was still developing, I had a wide range of builds and choices. Not everything was SP- it impacted the highly competitive scene, but the large range of sets gave alot to work with. Look at it now- you want Fighting you go Donphan; you want Water you go Feraligatr/Blastoise; you want Fire Reshiram is in your deck; Electric always runs Zekrom; It's reduced down to cookie cutter. What's worse is that you need 4 of these cards, so now you have a pile of untradable cards and need tradable cards. Don't argue this- this is how it all went down. It was a very tough time trying to get into the game when it's clear that the decks are set to "This is what wins, and this is what does not win".

Fast Forward- I've now built up an extensive collection. In fact, it's so large that when I filled the case to sell the cards, there's not a single hard-to-get card missing except for Tropical Beach. Its when I sat down last week to build a deck and I found myself in the same predicament- Fire needs Reshiram, Electric runs Zekrom, I can't run Grass because of the Fire decks, can't run Water because of the electric decks, can't run steel but rather Durant, can't play Dark because it's too slow....THE SAME PROBLEMS. Of course I deny this, I build my Serperior deck.

Let me tell you something about a deck you feel passionate about- it's amazing! On Paper.

It was a horrid day of "This is what wins, and this is what does not win". Looking forward I see the EX cards, and I see more of the same- you run card X, or you lose with card Y.

One of my biggest gripes has to be the factor of luck. I've played many card games and tabletop games. Let me tell you- playing a tabletop game is MUCH more fun and skillful than a cardgame. Sure, luck is involved, but getting to that point of the die roll is where the skill comes in. This game has 75+% luck involved, to a point where you can draw energy after energy, or evolved pokemon after evolved pokemon, or even trainer after trainer. Ive had games where none of my PONTs were seen. 4 copies, not one. Would they have helped over my 1-of Flower Shop Lady? Well there's luck for you.

So as my 40th Blog, I say farewell. I quit playing this game, and until my collection sells in full...well that's it.

Writer's note: I know I mentioned selling my cards in this blog. Please do not PM me for sales. Do the store I sell out of respect by showing up, the league I attend by playing in it, and the tournaments my store holds by competing in them. You can make your purchases there.

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  1. Prime's Avatar
    I was done with competitive events a few years ago. I've found great fun in playing in my local Pokemon League, where the same rules don't apply. I can dip into rotated out cards, which allow for so many more cool combinations. Certain types can draw resources from past cards to make them much better than they are alone.

    It has kept my level of excitement for the game steadily high ever since I decided to approach the game on this level.

    I don't have to worry about cards like Mewtwo EX, because he won't see as much play at League and if needed, there are plenty of hard counters from years past.

    Good luck and thanks.
  2. jjkkl's Avatar
    Bro, what if I don't live near you / your league? How can I get teh cards?
  3. djjoe227's Avatar
    Mail, of course. Shoot me a PM over the weekend so I can remember to look, I believe there is a Kyurem left, I gave 3 of them to my PTO as a gift.

    I mainly added that last bit because when I posted the blog about the Player rewards I recieved, I immediatley recieved a PM about selling the Rainbow Energies. I thought it was rude, honestly, so I put that part in there.