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Why I'm Leaving, Part 2

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Part 2- Margins of Card Prices

When you think "Trading Card Game", there are three parts.


This blog is going to focus on that first word- Trading.

Let's be honest, outside of rogue players, how often do you actually complete a trade on a "I need this, you need that" basis?

Let me disect a booster of HS-Heartgold Soulsilver I opened recently:

Vulpix (Foil)

There's my pack. Now I look at these cards, and I see....Nothing. Why? Well for starters Caterpie and Metapod are underplayed in the current Meta, Marill and Azumarill are equally terrible if not worse (And who wants an Azumarill? Who cares if it's even a foil rare?), Meowth and Pikachu again are just not worth the time, Wooper is a joke, Miltank can be Limited, Bill is so obsolete it's not even funny, and the only worthwile thing in the entire 10-card pack; a reverse foil Vulpix.

Now that Vulpix will get me....another reverse foil. That is because the number of people who want are down to 3 types, 2 of which are near nonexistant; Collectors of Vulpix, Collectors of a Reverse Foil HS set, and Tyram Players who have not yet foiled out their deck and are in need of a foil Vulpix...and that one, not the Unleashed one! (or maybe they'll play it just because they access to the foil)

Now that's one pack, and only one card. If that card had been....Donphan Prime! I could get a LOT more for it. Or play it, if I so choose. Pokemon Collector, same scenerio. The thing is, I didn't and on top of the lack of playability, I cannot trade the cards either.

So let me review: Trading. Card. Game.

Trading? Nope. Card? Yeap. Game? Nope.

That, mind you, is also on the low end of the spectrum. If I had pulled that Donphan Prime, or had I encountered someone with one, the trading would have to include quite a number of cards (even more had this been half a year ago!). Depending on the cards, 30+ cards wouldn't suffice! (Especially if they were like 30 Azumarills or something!)

Then you can look at a card like Yanmega Prime, who has been $4, $10, $40, and rounds off now to about $15-20 due to it's recent release in a boxed set. Everyone has their own stories about that card, both good and bad!

Now if you read my first part to this blog series, you know you can tie these two together pretty well- because the demand of playable cards affects prices and values, we have these wide margins. It's why players result in having "Bulk". It's why you see some people with their entire collection being just their deck too, maybe that's all they can afford or have time for.

The other way to look at it, at least for me, is the turnaround. If I build a deck now, spending X money and Z time doing so, can I, when finished, get that back? Not exactly in time or money, but can I trade that deck, or even parts of it, to build a new one?

Most likely not.


  1. Electrode's Avatar
    I trade all the time.