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Getting Back into the Game

Getting Back in the Game - Ch.2: "Cards? In MY Internet? "

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As I sit there, looking at all the cards I purchased, I noticed that each theme deck had a code. "Want to get more out of this theme deck?" Hell yes, I would LOVE to.

Pokemon TCG... ONLINE? To be honest, I shouldn't be surprised by this, but I do like how it's handled, considering that it's still in beta (apparently). By entering this code that came with each of my theme decks, I could use the theme deck... online...

Even better, I could use the contents of the decks to make my own ZekEel deck online. So, because I was lacking cards at the time, I decided to add 4 Durant in there. But that's when it hit me...

If I could use the theme decks online, what about booster packs?

Which is why I picked up a Zekrom EX tin, and a Forces of Nature collection. Grabbed a bunch of codes, as well as these guys
Gerdevoir ND
2 Gothitelle EP (1 Foil, 1 Reverse Foil)
2 Reverse Foil Sigilyph EP
1 Reverse Foil Sages Training
1 Reverse Foil Prism Energy ND
1 Reverse Foil Raichu ND
1 Terrakion EP
1 Reverse Foil Carracosta NV

Sounds weird, but it feels good opening packs again.