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The Internet has gone mobile, and the Gym has a few technologies that are working to keep up with this trend.

We've had a mobile style since August 2010, coded by community coder dartho. 25,804 of our 2,210,415 posts contain the tag line, "Posted with mobile style..." indicative of mobile style users.

This style is lightweight (as befits mobile data plans) and reformat posts so they can usually be read on the small screen. You use a lot of features with this style, but for reading and posting on the go, its great.

25,804 of our 2,210,415 posts contain the tag line, "Posted with mobile style..." indicative of mobile style users.

As of today the mobile style is renamed mobilePKGM. Todays update brings a new feature, the ability to exit the mobile style. With that feature I've turned back on the mobilePKGM style in the style chooser. When we had it there before, folks would try it on their PCs and have no easy way to get back!

We used to have another dartho plug-in that automatically gave mobile devices the mobile style. This is really necessary for older phones that don't have the ability to select a style from the style chooser drop down menu. It's not so necessary for even the clunkiest phone OS still in service today.

In October 2010, I added another option, Tapatalk. Tapatalk is a mobile app for iOS, Androd and Blackberry that works with vBulletin and other boards. It has a lot more of the features you've come to expect from vBulletin.

  • Show new and unread threads with Avatar and number of replies
  • Images in the thread are converted to thumbnail and allow full-screen viewing
  • Ability to see Who's Online and what they are doing
  • Ability to search by topics and posts
  • Forum Moderation suppor

About 3,652 posts have been made with Tapatalk. I wasl surprised to find 6 of the 51 members online are using it as I write this. It costs about as much as a pack of Pokémon cards from your devices' application store.

Tapatalk Usage May 2012

What about the future?
vBulletin 4.2 is coming to the PokeGym this year. That version has its own mobile app, but its expensive to license if we want to give it free to mambers. However, tapatalk and dartho's mobile theme work with vB4.2, so we won't be going backwards.

I'm hoping to convince our poll editor to give us a mobile device user poll in future, so keep an eye out for that. Meantime, I welcome your comments in reply to this post.
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  1. King Piplup's Avatar
    So, to clarify-
    Tapatalk will still work with VB4.2? (Realllyyy hoping so....)
    Does "Posted with mobile style" still appear after posts made on mobile?
  2. bulbasnore's Avatar
    Yes, AFAIK, tapatalk works with 4.2. The mobile style, I think, still posts with that tagline.