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This might all seem a bit arbitrary, but I have a point. I'll get to it at the end of the blog. Trust me. Skip ahead if you feel like it.

I was playing a game of Pokémon cards with a friend and had 3 cards left in my hand, none of which were Supporters, one of which was an Ultra Ball. I have not played as frequently as I did MD-on, so my first instinct was to go for Uxie and Set Up. Of course, that was my initial 2 second reaction, I did not really play Ultra Ball without further thought. It just made me sort of miss that format. (Before Sabledonk and the rules change of course.) As ridiculous as some of it was, I rather enjoyed just playing around at League with fun decks. I have never had the money or the motivation to go competitive, Pokémon was a fun hobby of mine and I was fine with that.

Uxie has been gone since last rotation and the next rotation kind of stirred up memories. The game is so different now. There are 2 Pokemon that let you draw without attacking, one being Empoleon which would probably be the focus of a deck or Musharna, which is not played in competitive decks (This might change with new cards or some miraculous combination. I don't know if it will. Seems unlikely though.) Rare Candy has been weakened making the Pokémon EX and other basics that much more powerful in comparison to having a Stage 2 attacker. This might be a good thing. If Garchomp existed in a format with the pre-errata Rare Candy, I would be scared of the possible speed.

Next format, we lose a ton of Supporters. In BLW-on, we have Professor Juniper, Cheren, Bianca, N, Hooligans Jim & Cas, Cilan, and soon Hugh and Skyla. That is 8 cards. We lose Bill (Though few people are going to be upset by this), Copycat, Fisherman, Pokémon Collector, Professor Elm's Training Method, Professor Oak's New Theory, Cheerleader's Cheer, Emcee's Chatter, Engineer's Adjustments, Interviewer's Questions, Judge, Flower Shop Lady, Sage's Training, Team Rocket's Trickery, Black Belt, Seeker, and Twins. Some of those are outclassed by current Supporters, but still, 16 cards. We don't have any direct Pokémon search Supporters. Funny what one year can do to a card game.

And now, as HS-CL is about to leave, I just have one thing to say.

Someone else should really make a blog, It has been so long since the last one (besides this one of course), and I am horrible at this. Honestly, I barely made 450 words, and without this note referencing that fact, I wouldn’t have!


  1. PokemonTrader's Avatar
    Aww I thought that blog was very nice!
    I might make one soon! :D