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Prime's Thoughts

Black 2: Pokemon Study 1

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So, I bought Black 2 over the weekend, and made it my goal for the game to be my first step into competitive battling.

So, I set my goal in-game to capture every Pokemon available in Black 2 and train them up and see which ones I like and what their weakness/strengths are. Also, I'm going to only catch female versions of them (minus riolu).

I've gotten to the second gym so far.

I've caught:

Tepig -> Pignite: Ember was weak, but Flame Charge is nice. Also, Arm Thrust helps out a lot against Audinos, my main source of leveling.

Patrat: Bite was a nice inclusion. Bide messes me up in wild battles, but I don't trust it can be that useful when I am using it. Keen Eye is a nifty ability against sand attack.

Purrloin: Definitely can't take much of a hit without fainting. Can't deal much damage either, but Fury Swipes has helped out some. I haven't been able to try out Pursuit, yet.

Pidove: It's great that it started with an elemental attack - gust, and it seems like a decent Pokemon. Now that I have Air Cutter, and Quick Attack, I think it will be formidable.

Sewaddle: These actually give decent EXP in wild fights. Bug Bite is a great attack and it does good damage against Grass and Dark Pokemon. Looking forward to seeing it's evolution.

Lillipup: Definitely seemed to do good damage. In wild fights against them, they seem to do REALLY good damage. Bite is a nice addition to the Pokemon. Helping Hand is lame.

Mareep: Thunder Wave is so nice. Thundershock is nifty, too. Static is a great ability in most battles.

Psyduck: He has some great moves. Water Gun against fire/ground/rock, and Confusion against poison/fighting/others. He provided tremendous help in the city of the 2nd gym, where the Koffings was poisoning all my Pokemon in wild fights and Psyduck could OHKO them and the Magbys in the same area.

Azurril: Went with the Huge Power ability, even though I think the Thick Fat ability could allow it to be a great wall against fire/ice Pokemon in which Azurril already has resistance to. This Pokemon cannot do much damage, so I'm just hoping it evolves to Marril soon.

Riolu: My first answer to Audino. Even though Counter doesn't get weakness on Audino for some reason, Riolu learned Force Palm at level 11 and it's been smooth sailing since then. Can't wait to see it evolve. Quick Attack is always useful. Revenge did come in use for the 2nd gym, where I was left with 1HP from full health after an attack in which I used Revenge for the OHKO on the Gym's Pokemon that was 3 levels higher than Riolu.

Dunsparce: Have seen but haven't caught.

Audino: Haven't played with her yet. I got a Regenerator ability one, and with her huge HP from wild fights, I think it will be a great combination.

Venipede: Haven't tried him out much. Screech is super useful, and Rollout can become useful over time, to the point that if unchecked can make him a powerhouse.

Koffing: Haven't tried him out much. He seems to have great capabilities to poison the opponent and levitate is a fantastic ability in the right matchup.

Magnemite: Haven't tried him out much. I love steel types. Supersonic seems like a great attack.

Growlithe: Got the Flash Fire one, which I personally think will come in more use than the Intimidate one, but could be argued otherwise. Haven't tried him out yet.

Magby: Haven't tried him out yet, because I don't have a magmarizer. Flame body seems useful like Mareep.

I'm about to move out of the town, but I'm going to keep battling level 10-13 Audinos and leveling my Pokemon before I do that.


  1. P_A's Avatar
    Well, .... I can understand you wanting to just catch female pokemon .... sort of. It could be useful later on when breeding to get particular natures etc, or chain breeding for egg moves. However, sometimes you could be passing up a good strong pokemon (stats-wise) that way. I realize statistically you have just as much chance of getting a poor pokemon catching anything that comes your way, but in my opinion you are hindering your progress. As long as you have an idea what stats are good for a particular pokemon, then it shouldn't matter. I suppose to each his own though.

    I'd like to wish you good luck in your future competitions.
  2. P_A's Avatar
    How's your game coming along now? Any news to report in your blogs? Personally I'm done some of the side quests after beating the elite 4, but I'm still working on filling up my Unova pokedex (9 to go, one of which I can only get by trading - Skitty). Shouldn't be long now, then I can concentrate more on breeding and EV training.
  3. Prime's Avatar
    I've caught so many Pokemon, that it would be such a feat for me to describe how I feel about each and every one of them.

    I play these games so slow. Right now, I'm Audino leveling up a group of grass/water Pokemon for the Ground gym. I don't play as much as I'd like.
  4. flygon_frank_66's Avatar
    I've enjoyed reading your review. Update!!??