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Getting Back into the Game

Getting Back in the Game - Ch.3: Another hiatus later...

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I'll keep this one short...

So two fighting game majors, a year of depression, and a new job later, I encountered a group of people at the local card shop. A mother, her two children, and several others also play the Pokemon TCG over there. She and I got into a huge discussion about how the game used to be (i.e. Base Set) and how it is now. Turns out she's a professor, and she's teaching the local kids how to play the game, and she mentioned that an extra hand would be great.

Needless to say, I'm taking this offer.

Not only do I need something to do with my life, what with being done with college, having a full-time job on the weekdays, and nothing to really do on the weekends, but this might be JUST the thing to help me stay in the game for longer than a few months. In addition to this, I get to help out a new generation learn how to play the game that I enjoyed when I was their age.

So I guess it's time to start fixing the Zekrom deck. Again.

And there's a deck for the kids to play against, of course.


  1. Rocket_D's Avatar
    I think you are very lucky to have found people to play with! I cannot seem to find anyone to share my interest with... I am looked at like a complete freak when I go to the card shop. People there all seem to know each other and do not welcome strangers so much...