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Cities Part 1 - A New Judge is born

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OK, one of the coolest things about being in this game for YEARS is all the great people I have gotten to work with. All of the kids I have seen grow up, and all the families I have gotten close to.

I was pleasantly surprised when a month or so ago, one of my long time players, PPC, approached me about judging. I have known PPC since he was like 9. He is now 14. He is EXACTLY what I am looking for in a younger judge.

We decided he could start at the Cities in Eureka, I told him he would be in charge of a division, and he could turn to me whenever he needed help.

He did a 5* Job. He had friends that he liked to hang out with, but really kept to his responsibilities. Better than some of the adults I have worked with.

He turned to Stephanie and I a few times on some odd calls, and did a great job on the calls. At the end of the day, he was spent. He judged through his finals, in one of the most competitive fields in recent memory. The Memphis powers showed up, St. Louis had its own big players, and there were about 26 or so total players in the Seniors.

To his credit, and to Stephanie's credit (Juniors Judge), with 89 players there was not one single prize issue, although Ditto has let me know he came awful close. Kind of reminds me of another time when a PTO playing had a prize issue....

I met with him afterwards, gave him some pointers, and invited him to judge again as his schedule allowed.

I would stress to PTOs EVERYWHERE, do not discount your younger judges. They need mentoring, but I have always had great luck with the younger judge set. Chad, Scott, Matt, Kendle, Rachel, Colin, Riq, Chris, and now... PPC.

They take some hands on, but when they go right, they are the best you could ask for!

Do you need to be a professor to judge? Not in my house.

Are their great judges who are not professors? Yep - my Belleville judge yesterday, Judy, is everything you could want from both a league leader and a judge! She cares about the players, and the league, and keeps everyone going.

Use your resources, but always be there to support.

This is Meganium45 - waiting til next time to rock your world with more amazing insights from the PTO chair.



  1. Lucario EX's Avatar
    Good stuff, Vince. Good stuff.
  2. pokemonhero's Avatar
    I love it when younger genrations aim for great tings! Good stuff!