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One TO's Tourney Kit

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Getting everything you need together for a tournament can be pretty challenging and getting it ALL there can be tough, too.

I was fortunate enough to inherit Nicole "Weilemom" Weiler's kit when I started working Premier Events for our great Southwest PTO Karl Batdorff. It made a good start for my current setup.

For those of you who don't have the good fortune to be passed a tourney kit, I thought I'd share my current setup to give you some ideas. I also hope this inspires some other organizers to share their setup, too. We can all get some pointers.

Here's my big box:
"Keep Box"

You see blue portfolio with forms, blank paper, POP ID tablets, 6 compartment plastic box from Target for pre-release & side event energy, pile of theme decks for kids with their older siblings base set decks, box knife for opening prize boxes, 3M hooks ($4) for hanging banners, and baggie full of 'spitwad' size paper balls for players that forget damage counters! (no counters? you guys get dried spitwads. next time, bring your counters.)

Now, here it is filled up:
This is heavy for a wimp like me!

We'll cover the printer and cutter below, but the neat long cord power strip ($17) keeps my computer & printer in power whether the plug is right behind me (Granada Hills) or behind the Arcade machines along the back wall (Santa Barbara). There is also a retractable USB cord and the printer's power cord.

The printer is something my son and I picked up on the way to a tournament when I realized I left my larger printer/scanner at home. It was almost as cheap as buying two cartridges and while not as small as I would like, its smaller than the old one. And I don't have to disassemble the family's computer table to go to a tourney.

Here it is being 'refueled':
Ink is $20-25 each

It takes 7% of a color ink tank to print 4 2-up event 'post up' flyers on the lightest setting. They still look good. I use presets on my computer to print 'fast draft, low ink, grayscale, black cartridge only' when printing event paperwork & 'pass out' flyers. These things also come out looking nice, but it makes the ink last longer.

Here it is cranking a few 'pass out' flyers:
Get the word out!

You can see the big retractable USB cord at the left.

I LOVE match slips. They really help my round 'tournaround' times - the time between when one round ends and another round begins. I usually take one of the 'pack' boxes, and put a stickynote on it labelled 'match slips' and the players just pop them in the box. By the time the round winds down the matches are almost all entered. I just pop the last couple in at the end and whammo, standings/pairings!

I used to use scissors for match slips, but now I have this:
Simple razor wheel paper cutter

I can cut the slips and give them to helpers to pass out usually in time to get them to even the shortest games (Horsea, RC, Kingdra, energy, Plus power, double discard, GG). A firm but not heavy touch, and not putting more than 5-7 sheets in at a time works best. Match slips group by age group, so this usually works out anyway.

Here's the cutter opened up for measuring the cut on flyers:
Take off every Zig!

Finally, the pouch of doom:
Camera bag from Nationals?

This holds all the stuff I need to do my paperwork.

Here it is, contents exposed:
Bigger inside than out!

You see table number tent cards (begged from a store when they had a Super Battle Zone), 20+ pens, tape dispenser, stapler, scissors, spare adhesive for the 3M hooks, spare retractable USB cable (worth it to have a spare), printer driver CD in case I have to use someone else' computer or reinstall, and spare professor stopwatch (ALWAYS have multiple timers!).

I'm fortunate to have a nice Mac laptop from work that I use for my events. I have to take the computer with me whenever I leave town anyway (in case of problems I have to fix remotely), so I'm very fortunate to have 1) a laptop and 2) one that is nice. I also use my work cell phone to carry the latest compendium and it has a great double countdown timer I use for rounds.

With this setup, I can usually get into my venue in two trips (don't forget the boxes of prizes or prerelease cards) and have registration ready to take slips in 15 minutes.
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  1. Prime's Avatar
    Very cool! Sweet bag of doom!
  2. homeofmew's Avatar
    bag of doom is really good, would be nicer if it was a tad bigger.