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My shift from TCG to VGC - My thoughts

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Well, it has been a year now sense changing my focus from judging and playing Pokemon TCG to playing and building support for the Pokemon video game series.

Some people ask me why i do not play the TCG much anymore and why i have a new love for the video game, so here i am going to give a bit of back story on this change.

Section 1 - A history lesson
I started playing Pokemon when the games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue where first released. I enjoyed the video game more than any other video game at the time. I was ten years old at the time and i had received a game boy for my tenth birthday. I cannot tell you how many hours i played my Blue version. I was a fan of the game at this point, and you could only imagine how happy i was come Christmas time when i received the Gyarados theme deck and a booster pack. From this point on i was hooked. I played Pokemon whenever i had free time. My parents where getting worried so they said i need to socialize more, so i started going to Pokemon league. In other words it backfired on my parents saying that. I continued playing Pokemon right up until the end of the Neo sets. I had got a bit bored of Pokemon, and i needed a break as i was now starting high school and i needed to focus on school.

Section 2 - The change in game
I had been gone from Pokemon for a little while now, and in that time i had become a respected player for another Trading card game. I had started getting into judging at this point and then i saw an old Pokemon friend of mine come into the store where i ran league for this other TCG. he said i should come back and play at the Pokemon Ruby/sapphire release tournament. I agreed and that is when i came back to Pokemon. I loved how the Pokemon TCG evolved from when i left, and shortly after that i was encouraged to become a Pokemon Professor and help grow the game.

Section 3 - Stairway to Heaven
I passed the Professor test the week it became available. I was told that i should make some goals for myself and try my hardest to reach them, so i made some goals to work toward that would help me become a great judge. In the following years i started one of the most successful leagues going from a attendance of 4 to over 40 in a little less than a year. I was a judge for several city championships, and was a underling for gym and state championships. I even became staff at the world championships, but one of my goals was to be a head judge for a state championships or higher, and it had been over four years and still no head judge position.

Section 4 - The shift in interest
It was at this point i decided to discuss this with my Primer Tournament Organizer. She said some nice things about me, but said that she did not see me being a Head judge in the future. It was at this point that i knew that i would not be able to fulfill this goal, so i decided to stop judging for the TCG. It was not worth working towards a position that i would not be able to get. I had spoke to Mike Liesik about the recent interest in the Video Game series and he said that he was hoping to grow it to be a regular Organized Play series, so that was when i started to work as hard a i could re-learning all there was to learn about the video games.

Section 5 - The new-found love for Pokemon
When i started joining other Pokemon community's that where devoted to playing the Video games, i saw exactly how big it was. Some of these places had even gotten into the deepest parts of the game where the normal player would not really look. Effort values, Individual Values, Hidden Power Values, and much more made the game so competitive. And best of all, all the places i went to that played the video game would give you tips and strategy's that would help. Everybody was helping each other to become better at the game. Very rarely where there people who would be poor losers or poor winners.

Section 6 - Closing thoughts
I believe i have found my place. With the Video Game Championships growing, and leagues now giving support to those who play strictly the video game, these two worlds are now starting to merge into what i hope to become a big community where both of these players will find that they are both the same kind of family. A family who has a love for Pokemon.
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  1. Muk Man's Avatar
    Im Slowly Shifting to the Video Game as Well,It takes a lot more effort, but the rewards are well worth it...