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Anticipation of a new season

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Wow. Here we sit on the verge of the 2009-2010 season.

The second "Quest for Hawaii" that sparked everyone through the 2006-2007 campaign.

Difference this year? The game is bigger and stronger than it has ever been. Why? Nintendo really knows what it is doing.

Reinventing itself every 3 years with new games sprinkled in with the reinvention of old "classic" Pokemon games, keeps us all going.

On the card side, coordinating the cards with the video games is a cool idea. I am excited this spring for not only the Video Game, but for the new card game and its new mechanics!

Battle Roads are upon us! Away we go! What will come of this year? Will another power card like Luxray be discovered and released? How will the new cards react with the old cards? No rotation for the first time in the Nintendo Era...WOW.

New league season with cards like UXIE LA and CLAYDOL GE being awarded as prizes. What will the price of a Baltoy jump to shortly? Claydol is easy, but Baltoy will now be the tough half?

No badges either. What a sad end of an era. The cards are nice but the badges were the "League Symbol" that everyone could relate to.

Adding in the Video Games (which, truth be told, I haven't played in 4 years) will put a neat new spin on league. I am not sure how my stores are going to like it, as there are no real sales associated with the video games, but we shall see, we shall see.

The last gift of the year we have to open is how to get to Hawaii!! Will there be ratings invites with trips? Without trips?

I really look forward to this season, and being on the road for events with my sons once more! We live in a Pokemon World!

One Junior, One Senior, One Master for the first time ever with the 3 boys...and one more still to learn the game. How weird is this going to be? No more brothers playing each other for 2 years? Wow.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the trail! I will certainly post again after this weekend!

The Meganium45 -oh, and the name derived from my oldest son's first deck at the Central Stadium Challenge, utilizing Neo Genesis Meganium and Scyther Promo #45. They would not allow him to use his first deck name of choice...Big "rhymes with Grass" Grass.

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  1. Prime's Avatar
    I remember calling you M64 before. Interesting to read where your name comes from.
  2. thamanunh's Avatar
    do u have a luxray gl x for trade
  3. aquaarmor900's Avatar
    i do and i iwll trade for a 1st edition shawdowless blastiose