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Prime's Puzzlers! Puzzle #1: MetaBlastCatty VS. Don King

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Think you're good with puzzles? Think you can play with the best? Put your skill to the test and see if you can crack this puzzle! If you can figure out the answer, PM me, and if you're the first person to answer this puzzle, I'll post your name and give you props.

Here's the puzzle:

Puzzle #1 - MetaBlastCatty VS. Don King

Player 1
Prizes: 2 Prizes left.
Deck: 3 cards left. You know the last 3 cards are 3 Broken Time Space. You have already drawn for the turn.
Hand: Rare Candy, Squirtle, Luxury Ball, Water Energy, Water Energy, Skitty, Unown G.
Field: Blastoise active w/2 Water Energy & 40 damage on it. Skitty, Claydol, Uxie, Metagross on bench. No energy on anything else. No damage on anything else.

Player 2
Field: Machamp active w/1 Fighting Energy & 0 damage on it. Claydol w/ Unown G attached, Uxie, Machamp w/1 Fighting Energy attached, Metagross on bench. No energy on anything else. No damage on anything else.
Hand: 5 cards, 1 is Machamp Lv.X.
Deck: 15 random cards.
Prizes: 1 Prize left.

Question: Your opponent played a Premier Ball last turn to grab his Machamp Lv.X. You know he can Level Up and use Machamp's Take Out attack to do 100 damage, thanks to Machamp Lv.X's No Guard Poke-Body, to knock out your Blastoise next turn, regardless of what cards he draws into. How do you win this turn?

Good luck!


  1. Prime's Avatar
    Okay folks, the puzzle has been solved.

    'Coek' was the first person to send me the solution, but 'headsrcool' and 'Box of Fail' were right behind him.

    Congrats Coek.

    I realized later today that I forgot to add another element to the puzzle, which made it not as hard, but it was an interesting puzzle none the less.

    Also, 'Box of Fail' was the only person to mention that Player 1 wouldn't be able to win the game if they had used Blastoise's Double Launcher last turn. I didn't even pick up on that. Kudos 'Box of Fail'.

    Some of the answers kind of shocked me. I never thought about doing some of the stuff, and I will take the options into consideration when making my second puzzle.

    Fun Fact: If anyone is wondering where the name "Don King" came from, I labeled my Machamp/Metagross deck that since Machamp reminded me of Mike Tyson and Metagross was the promoter and brought oppoenents to the fighter (gusting pokemon to machamp). Also, if you combine Don King, you get Donking, which is what Machamp loves to do!

    Look forward to the next puzzle. It shall be harder! Muhahahaha
  2. i_shikaXD's Avatar
    this seems like it could be a lot of fun. you should do more of these.
  3. mgm617's Avatar
    Looking forward to the next one.....
  4. ashinto's Avatar
    I missread it, but in about 4 min. i figured it out. I remember when I played yu-gi-oh, the magazines would sometimes have these. I think they are extremely fun and you should make more!!
  5. wobbufet's Avatar
    Got it! Took me a while, but I got it!