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Prepping for VGC 2010 - Training in Emerald

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Well, it is a new Tournament year. And with a new tournament year is a new Video Game Championship Series.

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Starting from the beginning
So, the first thing i am getting done is the most time consuming. Camping the "One-Timers". I am starting over in one of my favorite games - Emerald.
Emerald is a WONDERFUL game. The story, the gym leaders, the first to introduce "Double Battles", and it was the first to have the Battle Frontier for those who where passionate about the Art of Battles.

In addition to all these great features, i like it because of the AWESOME One-Timers! Regirock, Registeel, Regice, Latias, and Latios are all One time catches in Emerald that are allowed to be used in the VGC's. The Regi's are very different to work with, more so in an environment full or Metagross, Snorlax, and Zapdos - all very nice attackers with great defense.

Registeel was actually and idea of my roommates, as he got schooled on Pokemon Battle Revolution by one. Registeel gets a great 150 base defense and sp.defense. And with only three weaknesses its strengths are in its ELEVEN resistances and immune to poison. Here is the Registeel i am coming away with.

Registeel @ Chesto Berry
Relaxed (+Defense -Speed)
Iron Head
Thunder Wave
Double Team

I went with Relaxed so it can survive from an overused attack - Earthquake. You can go with several options for Items here. Occa Berry, Chople Berry, and Shuca Berry will eliminate a weakness for a single attack, or leftovers can heal it between turns. I am going with Chesto Berry so i can use rest for a free heal, or counter a Dark void from a Smeargle. This set is made to wear out a Pokemon and with Double Team, Paralysis, and flinch from Iron Head. With all this it will be hard to take out.

Regice is a close second out of the three Regi's. with an astounding 200 base Sp. Defense and with 4 weaknesses it is very decent. Now three of these weaknesses are Physical (Fighting, Steel, Ground) and a mere 100 base defense, Metagross is a very big threat. here is my Regice:

Regice @ Leftovers
Relaxed (+ Defense -Speed)
Icy Wind
Thunder wave
Double Team

This guy requires quite a bit of prediction to use effectively, but it can turn out VERY well. With a plus defense nature with enough effort points in defense will give Regice enough defense to survive a Meteor mash from Metagross. If you can predict well enough, you can turn a near KO situation into a KO for you, with accurate prediction with counter. Icy wind gives great support to slow down things like Garchomp, Latios, and Yanmega. Thunder Wave will add to this and give survivability to your Regice.

Regirock is a tough one to work with as it has five weaknesses (Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass) and they are coming from both Physical and Special sides. With 200 base defense, it can deal with earthquake and meteor mash from Metagross, but Rain Dance teams will cause him problems.
Here is my Regirock:

Regirock @ Passho Berry
Sassy (+Sp. Defense -Speed)
Rock Slide
Thunder Wave
Double Team
Rock Polish

If you had not noticed, Thunder wave and double team is the thing i am using with all of these guys. It adds a massive amount of possible survivability as well as lowers their speed so you can very well out speed with with the slow golems. Now Regirock is going to be a bit more aggressive. After paralyzing the opponent, Rock polish will give Regirock enough speed to make Rock Slide viable. With Passho Berry, it will survive a Surf from the ever common Rain Dance teams.

Well, thanks for reading. When i come back, i will be finishing up with my Emerald segment with the [email protected] twins.




  1. Muk Man's Avatar
    So how did you get registeel with that IV spread?
  2. ultimatedra's Avatar
    Registeel - RELAXED 2025674F 31/31/31/15/31/14
    Emerald RNG Reporter
  3. Gibbeh's Avatar
    i really like these, you should do one of colleseum