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Prepping for VGC 2010 - Training in Emerald Part 2

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Well, it is a new Tournament year. And with a new tournament year is a new Video Game Championship Series.

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Last time i covered my Regi's battle tactics, and now i will be covering the Lati twins.

These two pokemon, Latias and Latios, where introduced in Ruby and Sapphire and then again in emerald. These pokemon where greatly used in last years VGC tournaments as they boast some absolutely amazing stats.

They are quite literally twins. They both have a base 80 HP and 110 Speed, a speed that is on par with gengar and lugia.
And their Attack and Defense stats are the exact opposite with Latios having 130 Special Attack and Latias having 130 Special Defense. Although, Soul Dew was banned from use in the VGC's these tho pokemon where very popular.

First, i will cover the Male of the two - Latios

Latios had to be the most used of the two furring the VGC's by far because it could out speed the common and deadly Garchomp. In additional to being a Garchomp killer it was a great switch in to earthquake. Here is the set:

Latios @ White Herb
Timid (+Speed -Attack) 31/12/29/31/29/31
Draco Meteor

Draco Meteor is absolutely deadly in the hands in Latios. The downside of it is that Draco Meteor will lower your Special attack when used, so to counter this White Herb is attached so you can continue attacking at full power. To cover the fact that Steel pokemon completely wall Latios we give Latios Thunderbolt.

Now that we have the attacker done, lets get with latias - the female defender.

Latias @ Choice Scarf
Timid (+Speed -Attack) 29/08/31/29/31/31
Icy Wind
Calm Mind

The way to do this is to out speed just about anything with having choice scarf, and then using trick to get rid of the handicap. If your opponent used an attack that does no damage, you are safe for at least a little while. Either they keep the pokemon in and you calm mind or they switch calm mind. Win-Win situation. Then you back up your partner with icy wind and lower both of your opponents speed. Then you calm mind and recover as needed.

This completes my Emerald training and next i will be going through Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for some very nice Exclusive attacks!

See ya'll later!



  1. Gibbeh's Avatar
    You're the best, sir.
  2. espeon1's Avatar
    Those are really nice, though on the trickscarfing latias I prefer Dragon Pulse and either Psychic or Surf instead of icy wind and recover.