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Prepping for VGC 2010 - Training in XD:Gale of Darkness

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Well, it is a new Tournament year. And with a new tournament year is a new Video Game Championship Series.

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So, i have finished with my bit about Pokemon emerald and the great Pokemon that are available in it, i will now go into the rarely played Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness!

Pokemon XD has some nice Pokemon available like Moltres, Articuno, and Lugia. But what makes this game golden to competitive battlers are the exclusive attacks available in the game. These exclusive attacks cannot be bred in any way, so they are truly unique to this game.

First off, i am going to cover one of my favorites, Duskull!

Duskull in Pokemon XD gets Helping hand as it's exclusive move. I know that it does not sound all that game breaking, but i will show you how to make this into a beast. We are going to assume for this guide that all of these pokemon have been Pal Parked into Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

Dusknoir @ Sitrus Berry
Sassy (+Sp. Defense -Speed) 28-31 HP, Def, and Sp. Def. 0 Speed
Helping Hand
Trick Room
Sucker Punch

High HP and defenses are a must for Dusknoir but what it the most important is the 0 Speed. This is to ensure that dusknoir is as fast as possible in a Trick Room.

Now with this, you will want to pair it with a pokemon that can take hits (Snorlax, Bronzong, Metagross) and get trick room out. then after that will-o-wisp to burn the opponent so that their attack power gets cut in half, and when your partner is about to go out, use helping hand and have your other pokemon use Explosion or selfdestruct. Dusknoir being a ghost will make it immune to the blast, and you are getting that extra damage to your blast from helping hand. This is a very nice way to turn a losing situation into a winning one.

Next, i am going on to an electric pokemon, Electabuzz.

Electabuzz in Pokemon XD gets Follow me as it's unique attack. This attack is awesome one it evolves into Electivire and gets Motor Drive for an ability. Again, Pal Parked into Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Electivire @ Expert Belt
Adamant (+ Attack -Sp. Attack) 28-31 Attack and Speed.
Follow Me
Ice Punch
Cross Chop

Thankfully the Electabuzz in XD has Cross chop already on it otherwise it would have to go without. Follow me is wonderful if you pull in an electric attack as it will just make your Electivire faster. Electivire can hit quite a bit for super effective damage with these three attacks, so expert belt is a nice item for the little boost. Now to increase the chances to pulling an electric attack, pair Electivire with a Pokemon weak to electric like Gyarados. Use follow me with Electivire pulling any super effective damage away from Gyarados and Gyarados can get a good Dragon Dance or Taunt and you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Finally, i will give you the best thing to come out of Pokemon XD - Togepi!

Togepi in Pokemon XD gets Tri-Attack for the unique move. Now you may be thinking why Togepi is the best to come out of this game. I will tell you why in just a second, but here is the Move set after being moved to the DS Games:

Togekiss @ Kings Rock
Timid (+Speed -Attack) Serene Grace
28-31 Speed, Defense, and Sp. Defense
Air Slash
Heat Wave

OK, i am now going to explain why this Pokemon is so deadly. Tri-Attack has a 30% chance of Burn, Paralyze, or Freeze. This is essentially the best way to get freeze on an opponent. Now team that up with Togekiss's ability Serene Grace you DOUBLE that to a whopping 60% chance to burn, paralyze, or freeze - Absolutely Insane! and to top it off, it gets a boost in attack power from being the same type as Togekiss (Normal).

Then you have Air slash and it gets the same bonuses as Tri-Attack, only instead of a status condition you are inflicting flinch. Air slash normally has 30% flinch, 60% with Serene Grace, and then a crazy 70% flinch with king's Rock! and again, a power boost from being the same type as Togekiss (Flying)

Roost is for some basic healing when things are looking bad, and Heat Wave will hit both pokemon and have 20% burn rate with Serene Grace. This is why it is the Best Pokemon in Pokemon XD:
-60% burn/freeze/paralyze
-70% flinch
-Hits both opponents + 20% Burn

This was fun to go through and let me show you what Pokemon XD has to offer to the competitive battler. Next time, we will be going through the GBA exclusive moves and how they can be better than what the DS has to offer.


20. Currently there is a forum on the PokeGym called “Ask the Rules Team”, where you can get answers to Pokemon TCG rules questions from the Rules Team. What was the name of that forum before it was changed to “Ask the Rules Team”?

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  1. Muk Man's Avatar
    Togekiss+ electivre

    Heatwave, earthquake, crosschop, thunderpunch, icepunch...

    I would swap Roost and kings rock for leftovers and Acient Power, to bost you already amazing stats and to help with the flying tanks like skarmory
  2. Mcdumsuker's Avatar
    I dont know much about pokemon,I've been playing or a few years though,I have never EVER ran into a shiny,but I got a shiny pony from my brother (I knwo epic,right? lol) This sounds just weird because I never pay attention to like increased Sp.Atk or Sp.Def or anything,never thought it would help,and does anyone know how to get a shiny pokemon REALLY fast or faster or normal? Just message me with a good tecnique,thanks.
  3. gallade's Avatar
    Ask the masters!!! But i love your blog, and the togekiss is soooo fun.
  4. Clay's Avatar
    I had someone stole 2 pokemon from a very young girl Sunday. I want them back.

    Off her Heartgold/Sol Silver DS Game. She was very Crushed when this person lied to her and left.....