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Muk Man

Time For a Blog!

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Welcome to Muk Man's Blog 2K10.

Right now city championships are going strong, but because of the holiday shedules, im a little to busy to drive the 3+ hours for the GA marathon.

Honestly looking at the metagame, the best play will be something that can and will tech Machamp

beacause it forces Dialgia G to play Unown G
It deals with the Mr Mimes everyone is teching into their decks.

I like Flygon, when played with machamp, and played stall style so that is what i am planning to play for the remainder of the City Championships.

It has the power to take prizes, it has the ability to deck your oppoonent, And has amazing disruptive ability and is VERY consistent.

So i'll let you know how the rest of my CCs go!