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Well Book 2 of my fan fic serires Pokemon AR is coming to a close, with 3, maybe 4, chapters left to go. It's been a lot of fun to create those characters and go with them on their journey at their homes and into the future. Sometimes I surprise myself with what ends up typed on Microsoft Word. Although not everything in the chapters are from my mind.

Chatot is easily my favorite new character in the series. It's actually based off a Chatot Plushie I bought at League. After a month I brought and before I knew it I was imitiating Jeff Dunham. I'd bring the plushie out, immitate a Chatot's voice as close to the one from the Manaphy movie as possible, and had the chatot insult or tell jokes as much as possible. After a while of doing that, I knew a naughty natured chatot would be a fun new element in the Pokemon AR series, so I figured why not.

Xero, from my spinoff Worldwide Interaction, was a villain I really wanted to see putting the protagonists down. Making them fail, making them suffer, and putting them in very tight situations. As cruel as it may sound, I've loved making the villain succeedmore then the heroes. Who wouldn't? The idea of Xero being a Ditto really didn't come to me until after I posted Chapter 9 of Lost Generation, where Chase and Vik have that arguement and Xero enjoys it.

I decided making the villain a Pokemon would be a very neat plot twist, and I got quite a few mixed reactions to that. "Oh cool! A Ditto owned them!" "What were you thinking Cyber? Xero was soo much cooler as a human." Ha ha, maybe so, but this is something never done in any pokemon media before, at least until Gamefreak does in the new Pokemon Movie Phantom Master Z.

View my profile on Pokegym and follow the link to my DA page to view my own handdrawn pics of Pokemon AR characters and Pokmon.

That's enough ranting about my fan fic. Thanks for reading y'all.