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The Silph Scope

Oh, no, I invented that deck.

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Every once in a while some row busts out around here with people bickering about who 'invented' a deck first.

These are the dumbest arguments on the planet.

Top 5 Reasons Why This Is Dumb
  1. One list differs from another as rose differs from rose. Some look the same, but one smells great and the other really stinks.
  2. Most archetype decks are obvious.
  3. It doesn't matter that you invented weedle-dunsparce-torkoal.
  4. On the Internet no one knows whether you got that deck off a guy that thought it up at the PRE.
  5. Creatures (or some cat in Japan) invented the deck.

Top 5 Smarter Claims To Fame
  1. I was the first player to with this combo and tech at the (City, States, Regionals) series.
  2. I won worlds with this deck when 20 other big name players who won big events laughed at my deck, even after I won worlds.
  3. I published this list (shows list) on this date (give link).
  4. I saw that combo at the PRE or when I saw the spoiler.
  5. I worked on that deck and I won (these events) and added these techs (tells story).

In short, you can shout about creating the deck, but really its what you accomplished that matters - the report of your action is more interesting that your claim to invention.
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