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Omg? It Finally Works!

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Anyways, finally live is Regis_Neo's blog, where I will bring (hopefully) regular insight into the Pokemon TCG, video game, World of Warcraft, and all other things gaming!

So anyways, a bit about myself...I guess at heart I'm an old school Pokemon player, having played Pokemon since...well, it was released in the U.S. That being said, most of my original focus was (and still is) into the video game versions (Blue ftw), with the occasional side interest in the TCG, mainly because it was darn near impossible to get the cards when it was released. However, by the time G/S came about, the TCG interest definitely picked up; I still remember reading all the fun strategies by Dark Master Trainer Mike on the old Wizards Pokemon website and such. I also branched out into other CCGs; Magi-Nation by far was one of the best ever, shame they let it die and turn into the horrible abomination it is today...

So anyways, look forward to posting more here, hope you will all come to enjoy reading it as well!