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How does the podcast get recorded?

We use a voice over Internet gateway to dial people's wired or cell phone numbers. Not everyone has a good computer & microphone setup, but almost everyone has a decent wired or mobile phone (cordless phones don't work well).

How can I give some feedback or suggest a topic?

The PokeGym staff welcomes your feedback on the podcast and suggestions for topics. Please post these for discussion in the Roundtable Podcast forum in response to a specific podcast. The show is by and for the members of the PokeGym, so by all means speak up. We have a bunch of topics already queued up and sometimes we work on getting a specific guest for a long time (you know who you are!). Please be patient and kind.

I'm invited to the podcast, what can I expect?

You PM'd your phone number to the moderator right? Good! Then all you need on your end is your wired or mobile phone. Here's what will happen for the recording session. About 5-15 minutes before the appointed time the moderator or producer will call to check that you are by the phone and ready to go. At recording time you'll be called back as part of a large conference call... wait for all the phone rings to stop before the moderator speaks. The moderator will introduce the cast to each other, re-set the topic and let everyone know when recording starts. The top of the show usually begins with introducing the cast to the audience one by one. Each cast member gives a greeting to let the listeners recognize their voices. Then the recording moves on to the weeks topics.

I want to be on the podcast!

That's not a question! OK, we'll put it in the FAQ anyway. People who've made a lot of significant contributions to the Gym stand out as people we invite to be among the semi-regular members of the cast. For special topics, we bring in special guests who are signficantly involved in that topic. If you think you've been contributing good things and have something to say on a topic, and you haven't been asked to participate -- then PM one of the admins and make your case. A good way to NOT be invited to participate is to post the request in a thread...

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