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I recently registered but I can't post. Can you help me?

We require you to respond to a registration email, sent to the address you gave when you registered. This makes sure you gave us an email address where YOU can be reached.

If you never got that email, it is likely because you either didn't give an accurate email address (typo or fake) or because a spam filter refused to deliver our email.

Look for the red instruction box on the top of each page; if you're in this situation, it will be there ... just follow the instructions.

If that doesn't work, you can re-register under another screen name and make sure to give an accurate email address and tell your spam filter to accept all email from .

I can't figure out custom avatars - how do I get one?

Custom avatars are not regularly allowed on the Gym. Sometimes we have a surprise custom avatar day; if you were online on that day, you were allowed to upload a custom avatar. Just wait until the next custom avatar day (we don't know when that will be though, and please don't ask, its always a surprise). These days aren't announced, either, so you just have to discover it for yourself by checking the control panel to see if you can upload or wait for someone else to discover it and post about it.

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