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What are "Good Posts"?

Good posts are contributions to the Pokémon TCG community consisting of: information, perspective, experiences, resources, alternative or successful approaches related to the Pokémon TCG and other Pokémon games.

Why are "Good Posts" important?

First, they are important because that is why Pokémon TCG fans come to this board, to read your good posts. Second, they are valuable because they establish the poster as being a Contributor, which is what Team Compendium and the staff look for in future leaders.

How do I get the Professor logo?

First, you need to become meet Pokémon Organized Play Professor Qualifications. Once they tell you you are a Professor, then, follow our handy instructions.

iTrader Questions

iTrader is an ebay style rating system that has replaced our manually maintained reference threads. If you trade or sell, in posts on the Gym, you should give an iTrader rating for each trade. Final arrangements by PM are ok, but in-person trades and PM-only trades are NOT eligible for ratings or references.

How can I get a custom avatar?

There used to be only one way - be a member of the staff. Now there are 3 ways: 1) be a member of the staff, 2) be one of the winners of a custom avatar contest or 3) be online during a custom avatar day. Custom avatar days are sometimes announced, sometimes not. DO NOT ASK when the next custom avatar day will be. Expect a Pokemon theme requirement for your custom avatar on a custom avatar day -- its a Pokemon site, not a general social networking site and your avatars become the main graphic decoration of the Forums. Certainly, the people who have made avatars that turn out to be subtle references to rape and porn have slowed down the trend of avatar days, and made us firm about the Pokemon theme requirement here at the Gym. There is always a custom avatar contest at the occasional celebration on the Gym.

What are the guidelines for a custom avatar?

PokeGym members with less than 30 infraction points in the last 6 months can participate in our occasional custom avatar days, during which members can upload a custom avatar (sorry, recently established accounts are not eligible). At the end of the upload period, staff will delete the avatars that don't meet these guidelines.

Please read the rationale behind PokeGym custom avatar guidelines:

  1. Member avatars are the decorations for our forum.
  2. This is a Pokémon discussion forum.
  3. Therefore, avatars need to be clearly Pokémon related.

Since it is the decoration for our forum, your custom avatar should look good artistically, in the judgment of the staff and owners. Yes, this is both subjective and final, just like an art contest.

Please read the following guidelines; your avatar will be deleted if they are not followed.

Lettering - Writing/lettering on the Avatars is not permitted, except as follows:

  1. your exact screen name, or
  2. an exact Pokemon logo as found in the games/anime

Of course, even then, it has to be legible & not hurt our eyes. A logo consists of lettering and graphics in the style belonging to its owner, like the Team Galactic G -- most Gs are not a Team Galactic Logo - it has to be the right shape, style and color.

Lettering problems are the most common reason for avatar deletion. If your avatar says Team Bozo and your screen name is not Team Bozo, it will be deleted. If you put a lone G on your logo, but its not the Team Galactic G, it will be deleted, etc.

Art - The art must be clearly and primarily Pokemon-themed.

Fake Pokemon do not count. Pictures of people or lightly altered/costumed pictures of people are not allowed. In general, animation is a staff privilege and rarely allowed for custom avatar uploads. Read the custom avatar upload announcement to see if animation will be allowed or not; if it is, see the other FAQ items about animation.

Art problems that may cause the deletion of avatars include: pixelation; fake, furry or anthropomorphic Pokemon; pictures of people; primary theme of the avatar is some other theme, with a Pokemon splashed in; using art that is a recognizable logo or mark for another website.

Size - The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels and 24.5 KB.

Pre-approval - Staff will not give answers on whether your Avatar meets these criteria in advance, so please don't ask.

Approval is a group vote so no one person on staff can give you an answer before the day after.

Inappropriate art or lettering - If your art or lettering is an infraction, it is an infraction.

Just like a post that earns an infraction, an avatar that earns an infraction will be deleted asap.

Final decision - PokéGym senior staff judgment will be the final decision of which avatars meet these criteria and which do not.

Why won't you please delete my account?

It's our policy never to delete an account that has posted publicly or transacted business on the PokeGym. This is a discussion board and your posts, once posted are part of the history and record of our community, and indeed part of the history of the Pokemon TCG. Indeed its work to delete it, since we'd want to assure ourselves that the party in question is not using the deletion to get out of promised trades or offenses. It causes confusion among those who have read posts that suddenly vanish.

Sorry, you may leave your account disused, but we won't delete it. You may wish to provide a really long password and then forget it - that's about the best you can do towards getting away from your account.

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