» Podcast Audio Comment Instructions
YOU can contribute audio comments or questions for our PokeGym Roundtable Podcast.

Can't make the podcast recording?
What?! Not invited to join the cast?
Just want to ask a question or make a comment?

Leave us voice mail and your comments can make it on the show!

  1. Make a note or two about what you're going to say.
  2. Call
    • 1-310-961-4231 (US/Intl Direct Dial)
    • Use the web button and we'll call you (US)
  3. Listen to the voice prompt carefully, if you don't start with a greeting that includes your screen name, you message will be deleted before it is fully heard!
  4. Send bulbasnore a PM from your screen name to confirm it was you that left the audio comment!

NOTE1: Those 13 and under should NOT use their real name!

THE VOICE PROMPT - when you call, this is what you you will hear:

You've reached the PokeGym's Podcast audio comment line!
In a moment you will have up to 60 seconds to give our podcast audience
  • An intersting comment or insight about the Game
  • A story about your league or tournament
  • A greeting from your group or region
  • Ask a question of the PokeGym roundtable cast
FIRST you MUST begin your recording with a greeting that includes your screen name, for example:
Hello PokeGym, this is bulbasnore from Los Angeles, California.
Then leave up to a 60 second message for our podcast audience or question for our cast. Ready with that greeting?
Here you go!

  1. Greet the audience & introduce yourself, e.g.
    "Hello PokeGym, this is {screename}, from {region}!"
  2. Say what you're going to say, in 60 seconds!
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