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Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - What is a Pokemon TCG/Video Game league
Section 3 - How to find a local Pokemon TCG/Video Game league
Section 4 - What you need before you go
Section 5 - The benefits of a Pokemon TCG/Video Game league
Section 6 - How to start a Pokemon TCG/Video Game league
Section 7 - Ending Credits
Section 8 - Q & A
Section 9 - Contact Info
Section 10 - Version History

Section 1 - Introduction

Welcome to the Pokemon. The Pokemon TCG/Video Game League is a great way for players of all ages to get together and hone their skills (and decks) in a casual setting. League members are rewarded for playing games, win or lose. The more you play, the more you earn! Leagues are held in safe, public locations, such as game stores, community centers or libraries and are run by official League Leaders.

This is me
Now for some info about me.
I started playing somewhere between base set and jungle. I became a Pokemon professor in 2004 and became a Pokemon League Owner in March of 2005 and have kept both of those titles since then.

Section - 2 what is a Pokemon TCG/Video Game League

A Pokemon TCG/Video Game league is a place where people gather to play...Pokemon. Who would of thought? Pokemon TCG/Video Game leagues are a great place to learn how to play the TCG and Video Game. even if you know how to play, a league lets you get a different perspective of the game and get better and practice as well as test out some ideas you have for new decks and trade with others to help get you get better Pokemon for those decks and games or maybe complete a collection you have. Whatever the reason, Pokemon TCG/Video Game league is a great place!

Itís also a great place to get free stuff. At leagues you can earn Packs of the latest promo set, or POP packs as many call them. These packs come with exclusive cards you canít get in any other set. Also, when you finish a league season, you get a badge to show off that you have become good enough to earn the badge you now wear.

Itís a great place to make friends! I don't think I could tell you how many people I have met though Pokemon TCG/Video Game league and all of them are now my friends. Knowing that you have something in common with others is a great way to make friends. And at Pokemon league everybody has something in common...they like Pokemon!

A Pokemon league is also a great place to go after school to play, or just to hang out. Keeps you out of trouble and your parents know where you are and what you are doing. Itís a safe place and in public so everybody can come and play Pokemon.

Also, parents, other parents go to Pokemon league to watch their children. So you also have other parents to talk to and make new friends.

And one more thing...itís a great place to have fun !
Sounds like fun dosent it!

Section 3 - How to find a local Pokemon TCG/Video Game league

OK. Now you know a little about Pokemon leagues and want to know how to find one.
Thatís a funny story, that's covered in here to!

To find a local league just go this web page:

It will ask for some basic info for the search. Like what country, state, and city. If you put in these it will refine your search to only the leagues closest to you. After you put in that info push the "Find Leagues" button and PRESTO! Your local leagues appear before your eyes. If your search comes back without any result, try leaving out the city so it will search for all the leagues in the state.

Now click on the league name to get some info about that specific league. It will show the date and time of the league, the address for the league location and even how many people generally show up on a 6 week basis.

Among all that info, there should be a phone number to the location. Itís a good idea to call before you head out just in case they changed their time or date they hold league.

Also, mapquest is your friend. Just go to http://www.mapquest.com type in your location and the league location and it will give you detailed directions on how to get to your league location.

Section 4 - What you need before you go

OK you know what a Pokemon league is and you found the one that you are going to.
But...what do you bring with you? Here are some things that you should bring with you to league

Bring a Parent or guardian

When you first show up to league the league owner or league leader will introduce themselves and then proceed to hand you one of these:
This is a POP id card

This is your POP ID card or membership card. Some things needed are your name and date of birth and one thing that is really important is a parentís signature. Also having a parent there gives the other parents someone to talk to and it also gives you a ride home after league. Gives you your allowance so you can buy stuff as well as other uses. Parents are very useful.

Bring Your Pokemon Cards

You are going to a Pokemon TCG league after all. Also, don't forget your deck. Thatís the way you are going to earn the points at league is going to be though playing the Pokemon tcg after all. If you don't have a deck, talk to the league owner or league leaders and they can normally help you build you a deck. Also the people that go to Pokemon leagues are generally friendly and are willing to help. Thatís also one of the reasons to go to league is to learn.

Also bring some extra cards for trading. Trading happens allot and people want your cards and more often than not you want some of their cards. Bring your extras to trade to others. Be sure that a league leader, league owner or parent watches you trade. We want to keep things fair here at league.

Bring Counters

When playing you are going to need to mark how much damage your pokemon has taken, so bringing damage counters will do just that. Most people use dice to keep track of damage becouse it is easy, quick, and the numbers/dots show how much damage the pokemon has taken. poison and burn counters are also a good idea to show that a pokemon is burned or poisoned.

Bring some food or money for food

After a few hours of playing Pokemon, you can get really hungry. Normally there is food at the league location or at least a Gas station nearby. If you ever come to my league, my day at league is never complete without two Baby Ruth's, Mt. dew (aka Gamer Fuel) and an M&M or two. And if you don't have any money just bring some food from home. Nobody can ever say no to a PB&J sandwich easy to make, it tastes good, and you can take it anywhere.

Bring a Nintendo DS

Allot of Pokemon leaguers bring a Nintendo DS as well as a copy of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum to play during their downtime. I say bring it to league but remember that it is a TCG league and you wont get any POP packs for getting a fossil in the sinnoh underground. Also bringing a DS with you gives you something to do while going to and from league. And if you want to battle another Pokemon player on the DS, you get points for that too!

Bring a good attitude

Nobody likes someone who plays with a bad attitude. We are all here to have fun and to play. If someone has a bad attitude it kinda rubs off on other people.
Besides that it is good to be a good winner as well as a good loser. League leaders and owners don't want to have to pull someone aside and ask them to be nice because they won with a caterpie. You can be happy but don't rub it in peopleís faces.

Section 5 - The benefits of a Pokemon TCG/Video Game league

Now what are the incentives of going to a Pokemon league?

I don't think that a single person can turn down free stuff. Some of these things that are given out include

POP packs
These packs contain a set of cards that have alternate art of already printed cards or new cards that you cannot get in any other set. Some examples include espeon * and umbreon * are only available in the POP 5 packs.

Free Badges
So you finally got your score card filled out. To show that you are a serious Pokemon player you get a badge that goes with that seasonís scorecard. You can wear these on you hat, shirt, jacket or make a little case that you can show them off in.

Random giveaways
League leaders will often randomly give stuff away. Sometimes its POP packs sometimes its other cool stuff.

We all like having lots of friends, and we like having friends that have the same interest as you. Are you interested in Pokemon? Well so is everybody that goes to Pokemon TCG league. You see these people just as often as you do your other friends and you can share some Poke-memories here at league.

Get Competitive
There is an upcoming tournament and you want to win right? well come to Pokemon league and learn to play better, make better decks, and practice against others who also want to get better. And with everybody there to help you there should not be any problem helping you get to the top.

Player Rewards
Here is a question for you. How many league seasons have you gone to? How many tournaments? Prereleases? If you don't know, PUI does and thanks you for being so dedicated. if you have signed up for a my Pokemon account at http://op.pokemon-tcg.com/mypokemon/ PUI will show their appreciation for you and your participation by sending you POP packs in the mail every few months. You get a POP pack for each tournament, league, and other primer event you have gone to. And you never know-they might throw something special in just because they are feeling extra nice.

Other promotions
In the past they have done many other things with leagues. Like special promo cards, a " Battle Frontier " badge, and special Holo energy cards. Who knows what they will do next? And you have only to benefit from it.

Section 6 - How to start a Pokemon TCG/Video Game league

So you want to be a Pokemon league owner huh? It is not easy and can be very demanding.
Ask any league owner or league leader who make the best kind of league owner and they will
Tell you that Certified Pokemon professors are generally better due to the fact the Pokemon professors
Have a full knowledge of the game and as proof they have to take a test to get certified.

This test is pretty tough and will test your Pokemon knowledge really well. The professor test has 40 questions and you need to get at least an 80% or higher with questions ranging from basic game play, rules knowledge, as well as people skills. It can be very difficult and only the best Pokťmon players can pass it.

This being said, they are also rewarded. As a professor and league owner you get 25 professor credits for each league season you report. These credits are used to spend on exclusive items to this elite group.

As a league owner you have certain responsibilities

You need to gain the trust of the store owner, players, and most of all the parents. Trust is not given-it is earned. You need to show that you are responsible enough to show up on time, keep the environment G rated, and encourage business at the store.

On Time
This is more than show up for league on time, but reporting for uploading players and reporting for the next season on time. Doing this will ensure that you will get the product for the new season on time and will keep the kids coming for the new stuff.

As a leader/owner you are in charge of the league. This means you have some pull around the place. And you lead by example-don't ask others to do something you wouldn't do yourself. I often clean after the other leaguers and now they do it themselves because they know that I would do it. Same with keeping trades fair in the league and giving the correct amount of points. With that said, donít be demanding. You run the league but there is nothing to run if they don't show up. Treat the store owners and players with respect and thank them for coming. Also encourage them to come back next week and bring others.
Also as a league owner/leader you are now a Representative of PUI and you reflect their image. You want to keep the Pokemon players and PUIs name as if it where your family.

When you are a league owner/leader you get a different state of mind. You want more attendance to brag about your attendance. The store wants more attendance for more money. When you are a league owner/leader you should get with your store owner and brainstorm on how to get more people in the store buying more stuff. The first thing that always comes up is advertising. Put some league fliers in your backpack or keep some Pokemon business cards with you. Just keep it simple. Name, title, location, date/time, and contact info.
Here is an example
Here is a basic idea of a buisness card-Simple yet informative.
Donít be scared to put yourself out there. If you see a kid with a Pokemon shirt or playing Pokemon on a game boy just give them a flier or business card. Having a paper means they can put in on the refrigerator and not forget as if you just told them.
Also, try thinking outside the box. Get a booth at a fair or use community calendars. there are many ways to bring in a crowd and are mostly free.

Got all of this? Still want to be a Pokťmon league owner? Well good! Having a growing community of Pokťmon is what we all want.

To start your own league, go to this web site*:
* Note: you must be signed into your My Pokemon account to view this page.

Section 7 - Ending Credits
Special thanks to:
Pokegym for hosting this guide
TPCi for giving me resources to run my and many other leagues
POP for making the Pokemon TCG league a success
Chris B. for letting me use his laptop for writing this guide
Tymon M. for encouraging me to become a professor and league owner
And all credit for those pictures I used-I take no credit for creating or publishing those pictures.

Important Links:
http://www.go-pokemon.com/tcg-Official Pokemon TCG web page
http://www.pokegym.net-Unofficial Pokemon Forums
http://pokegym.net/index.php?page=cpdmhome-Pokemon Rulings Compendium
http://op.pokemon-tcg.com/mypokemon/-get your My Pokemon account here
http://http://www.op.pokemon-tcg.com/league/locator/-Find a Local league here

Section 8 - Q & A

Q: Will you be doing other guides Pokemon or non-Pokemon related?

A: Possibly. I normally do these when I feel that I need to be heard on what I need to say.

Q: how do you keep current with Pokemon rulings?

A: the pokegym compendium located here - http://pokegym.net/index.php?page=cpdmhome

Q: how many leagues do your own/lead?

A: as of now, just one. Itís a nice big league that I don't think I will be able to ever abandon.

Q: your guide is wrong it says ______...

A: thank you for spotting that. PM me and I will fix it.

Q. how often do you PLAY the TCG?

A: whenever I can. Between my job, girl, and league I don't have a whole lot of time.

Section 9 - Contact Info

PM me on the pokegym here- http://pokegym.net/forums/private.php?do=newpm&u=870

Section 10 - Version History
Ver. 1.0 - Opening - 09/02/07
Ver. 1.1 - Added Counters to the "What to bring" section, Thanks to Pokedaddy-9/4/07
Ver. 1.2 - Added community calendars and other ways to the "Start a league" section, thanks to yoshi1001-9/12/07
Ver. 1.3 - Minor Formatting 11/25/08
Ver. 1.4 - Minor Formatting, added new league info for 2009-2010 season.

Thanks for reading!

~Professor Ultimatedra~
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