» Professor Logo Sign-up Instructions
Here's how to sign up for the Professor logo on the PokeGym!

After you pass the Professor exam, its as easy as 1-2-3-4-5!
  1. Go to options and add your Real Name, as given to PUI for the test (required).
  2. Go to profile and add the date you passed your exam (required).

    please note the date format... if you get it in a different order this will fail your application/extension of your membership
  3. Go to group memberships and choose Join Group for the Professor group.
  4. Be sure to give your real name and prof test date again in your join request.

    or if you're a prof outside North America, add your country:
  5. Take a screen shot of your "My Play! Pokémon" page, the part at the bottom showing:
    • your professor points (which may be zero)
    • your latest score on the test (which won't be zero) and
    • the test date
  6. Email the screen shot to [email protected].

After a week or so, our wonderful Professor Group Leaders will inspect your request and generally add you to the group.

IF YOU SKIPPED ANY STEP ABOVE, your request will be not be processed and will be deleted.

About once a year, your professor logo will expire. Just re-apply as above, or update your Professor test date.

To Display your Professor Logo in your profile:
  1. Open your 'User CP'
  2. Select Group Memberships
  3. Select 'Identify me as a member of this group' next to the Professor group.
  4. Click 'Update Display Group'
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