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You are invited to join the staff team if you think you've established a long and solid track record of good posts and you:
  • can step back a bit from your own interests to help other express theirs;
  • want to serve more than to be served;
  • are willing to welcome all members, even those with opinions that oppose your own, as long as they are within board rules;
  • have a good record over the last year with regards to The Rules;
  • are active on the PokéGym most every day;
  • believe in the PokéGym philosophy and want to help promote the site.

Interested members that meet the above requirements are invited to apply for any open jobs. Available staff positions can be found in the Announcements forum. The list of open positions will change periodically. If you are interested in an open position, simply make a post in the Team Compendium Hideout forum with a paragraph stating the position you are interested in and how you would contribute as a member of the staff team. To ensure you know what you are getting into, and so that all members understand the duties of staff better, our basic staff roles are defined below.

Forum Moderator: This is the entry level, trial service position for moderating the PokéGym Forums. Community members who want to give back to the Community are encouraged to volunteer to moderate a forum or two. One or more Forum Moderators are assigned to each forum and they have the responsibility to monitor new posts in that forum, enforce The Rules and respond to 'reported posts' for their forum. These staff are the front-line leaders and set a tone that encourages good posts and contributions in their forums. A history of good posting and active involvement in the Community and Pokemon in general are desired.

Members selected as a Forum Moderator will be assigned to one or two specific forums for a set period of time and will receive training and assistance from other staff. At the end of the assignment a review will be given. You may sign up for additional Forum Moderator positions. Successful completion of a Forum Moderator assignment can serve as a path to a full time staff position on the

Moderator: This is the entry level permanent staff position for the PokéGym. Moderators are selected from a pool of members who have shown the capacity to handle rules enforcement via the infraction system and to set a tone for good posts in more than one forum, through serving as a Forum Moderator. Moderators generally have responsibility for several forums, and like Forum Moderators, they, enforce The Rules, receive and respond to 'reported posts' for their forums. They also provide assistance and training for the Forum Moderators.

Global Moderator: This is a lead moderator position, responsible for daily administration and operation of the Forums. Global Moderators have authority over all public forums. They provide the experience necessary to handle the most complex or severe situations. They provide training and direction to other staff, and assist Moderators and Forum Moderators with enforcement actions as needed, as well as recommending policy to Administrators.

Mod Supervisor: The Mod Supervisor has responsibility for ensuring new staff are trained. They have all the rights and responsibilities of a Global Mod and in addition may be granted limited administrative rights as necessary. They carry out Team Compendium’s policy in operation of the forums and recommend board policy and enhancements for other areas of the site.

Mod supervisors shall have the duty to fire staff that do not perform their duties or cannot be trained to perform them according to PokeGym guidelines. Mod supervisor shall email Team Compendium of the intent to fire. If Team Compendium does not respond with other instructions in 7 days from the date of the email, the mod supervisor shall proceed. Such firings have the approval of the TC board.

Forum Staff: These positions consist of editors, reporters, contest hosts, group leaders and regular content contributors. They may also provide an administrative function such as approving COPPA forms or responding to assistance requests from members. Some Forum Staff positions may be granted partial moderator rights and a custom staff title for the purpose of assisting with the assigned duties. The staff title will reflect the appropriate content-related role. These staff members shall use any added rights for the manipulation of content, and not for enforcement of The Rules. Each Forum Staff member shall be provided with a written description of their job duties, which will include the extent and frequency of their responsibilities.

Special Administrator: This position has limited Admin rights assigned to administer a special function such as coordinating the Gallery, or to perform other administrative, technical or content-related duties. Their title will reflect the Admin role and their specific area of responsibility or technical function. These staff members use their added rights for technical or content-related duties, but may also use them for enforcement of The Rules. Each Special Admin shall be provided with a written description of their job duties, which will include the extent and frequency of their responsibilities.

  • Gallery Administrator
  • Member Services Administrator
  • Technical Administrator

Administrator: These are the board owners, in this case, the members of Team Compendium. They decide on the current and future direction of the PokéGym and review Admin related matters such as appeals of moderator actions, ban reviews and staffing needs. They work closely with the Global Moderators and the Mod Supervisor to set direction for the daily operation of the Forums and work to integrate the Forums into other areas of the site. Admins are active in providing guidance to the staff and resources to the membership, as required. Admins do not necessarily act as moderators, but are free to do so at any time, in any situation where they see fit.
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